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Found 1 result

  1. There's actually a famous Russian SA-MP server with the same name, Plaridel Roleplay. I guess, it's from there where these guys copied this name. This is one of those NGG/HZRP type server, where you get teleport to random places as for 'events' every minute. The script is partly broken, you will get killed in every 10 minutes or don't worry! The 'pac' gangsters are more likely to kill you for stepping into their territory and don't forget that the entire LS is their territory, even the PD HQ! Try hard, a footstep into their territory = !BOOM! I had been there for 2 hours and I had enough with the staff team and players. Both legal and illegal factions are leading by 10 years old who got dropped out from Elementary school itself. You don't really have to do script-wise jobs there to earn money, just do /myrefund and then you will be rewarded like 10 millions and weapons like SPAS-32, M4, AK-47, etc for nothing. I personally recommend you to kill yourself rather than playing on this server. Servers like this should be entirely banished from the SA-MP community itself.

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