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Found 7 results

  1. I am selling GUNS MONEY AND HACKS FOR PAYPAL AND CASH APP ONLY! USD ONLY! (( GUNS )) Deagle - 1.50 Shotgun - 2$ M4/AK - 4 Knife - 2$ low on stock MP5 - 3$ ( low on stock) Money ! I have 50 million to sell! 5$ each million ( Minimum of 25million purchase) Also selling undetectable mods! I have a whole cleo folder of funny ass hacks you might want to use! 10$ a hack AIMBOT Weapon finder and spawner! inventory seeker Wall hacks hot wire pro teleport hacks (dont do infront of people) (also can teleport others! speed,strength, and health hacks! (only 3$ each for these 3) vehicle despawner vehicle spawner /ban authority ! ( no admins can be on) Money spawner (do at poker tables with other people) Package duplication IF you want my whole cleo pm with a price!!! no less than 70$!
  2. NOTE: I'm Ferguson and I'm an experienced LS-RP weapon and money seller. When buying stuff from me, I fully guarantee safety and transport of the assets. I'm willing to do middleman or show proof of my assets to the interested buyers. Minimum amount per order is 3 weapons or 3 millions.
  3. Over 100 successful deals and over 100 happy customers! Why use my service? Simply because I provide stealth drop offs or deliveries. Using my service will evade the logs and there will be little to zero chance of getting caught when dealing with me! All the weapons come packaged, those are text based items which have to be "built" first before they turn into a physical weapon. This allows you to store more than 4-5 weapons in one vehicle and allows a capacity of 20 weapons per vehicle! Got a friend who's interested in buying weapons? Refer them to me and receive 2 free weapons of your choice. Note: Paypal, Bitcoin & Skrill only. Minimum per order is FIVE weapons. The currency is Euro (€), not USD ($). Any weapon can be unpackaged at any level. No special job required to turn the packages into physical weapons. Most recent thread with recent vouches: Click Me
  4. (1.)Requires: Weapon mods (optional, highly suggest) ModLoader (2.)How to do it: "Guns on LS-RP are hard to get", yes if you try to get them the normal way. But, with only one weapon mod, you'll easily find guns that are hidden in the cars, or on the ground by any chances. First off, you need a weapon mod for a weapon that is huge. By that I mean very very big weapon mods. I have left a link of the weapon mod I use below. I'd also highly recommend that you install the weapon mods with ModLoader, because you'll easily be able to remove that mod after you're done gathering your "straps". Secondly, When you download the mod, rename the "gun_dildo1.dff" to the gun that you want, ex. "desert_eagle.dff", "m4.dff"... Thirdly, when you install the weapon mod, simply get into LS-RP, and search walk around cars. If there's a weapon in it, you'll easily be able to spot it, because of the huge weapon mod. When you find one, break into the car, hotwire it, and /takegun. (3.)How NOT to get banned: 1. Try not to make it obvious that you have a mod. Don't walk around the cars, and suddenly say "oh I'll jack this one". Pretend that you're trying to jack some other cars before the one where the weapon is. 2. If you see someone driving a car with a weapon inside of it, don't follow them. Or try to follow them, but remain unspotted by the driver. (4.)Download links: -The weapon mod I use: http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=5823 (don't replace the melee.dat file) This is a very simple trick I used. It might take time to find a car with weapons inside of it, but, after a while you'll find one.
  5. FAQ: Q: What do I get if I buy from you? A: You come on my table of the trusted buyers, you can get discount for the next purchase! Q: Where can I contact you and where can we do the deal? A: I usually do deals over MultiMart PM's since soliciting off-site is not allowed. Q: How can I know are you legit or not? A: Answer is simple, if you take a look on my reputation and if you see comments on this thread, you will understand everything! Q: Are you planning to add more payment methods? A: For now not, but in future yes!
  6. I only do deals on this website (www.multimart.org) DO NOT ask for my skype/discord name.
  7. If you want to buy something, PM me and I'll sell you it as soon as I've read your message. I'm not an amateur and can guarantee you 100% safety, as the deal will be roleplayed in-game. Drugs: $3 for every 10 ounces. $12 for 50 ounces Money: $12 for every Milion Weapons: $4 each for Autos Weapons: $2 each for Pistols/Shotguns/Rifles. Full character application: $5 UCP Account with 5 characters (levels 2-16): $50 UCP Account with 1 character (level 7) and PF License (Weapon License): $35 Glitches: Weapon Dupe $30 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game) Drug Dupe $40 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game) Money Dupe $60 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game)

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