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GAME-MP Account - Questions

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Hello there!


I strongly apologize if these questions are very simple but I had to ask, better to know than to be wondering around clueless. Regarding GAME-MP accounts for hosted tab, how do they work? You can no longer create an account, obviously, but I want to know how it all works.


1. When you have an account, is it bound to any e-mails and such, are you able to change the password? I can see that there is no "lost password" recover option on their website. So if I were to buy an account, would I somehow be able to change the password?


2. If I am not able to change password, then I suppose these GAME-MP account trades are not actually secure at all?


3. I noticed this (https://www.multimart.org/showthread.php?tid=18). Using a middleman for such purchase will mean that the middleman will also have access to the account forever? Again this will probably be answered with question 1.


4. When owning an account, how much do you yourself pay in fee to open a "slot" for a server IP to be filled in monthly? Do you pay once or every month, etc.


5. What payment method is used from the GAME-MP account owner's side to SA-MP? With that I mean, do they use paypal to pay their monthly/one-time fee or do they use other?



Thank you in advanced for answering, hoping some more experienced multimart traders can fill in the knowledge gaps that are missing, thank you!

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Husky    8

1. You can't change the password. Your best bet is emailing support@game-mp.com, with the original account email. Even this isn't recommended as this could ring some bells and get your account banned.


2. Pretty much. You're just going to have to hope the seller isn't going to be a dick.


3. The middleman shouldn't login into the account. They will probably only trade details. It is your responsibility to log into the account and ensure it works. This is to limit the possibilites of your account being banned. For more information, you should contact $hustle.


4. Most accounts are limited to 10 listings. For every server you want to list, it will cost $15/ monthly.


5. To pay for the listings, they use PayPal. Although, PayPal should allow you to use your credit card as I've done this before.



It's pretty rare these days to get a game-mp account with the email. This is due to it being the sellers personal email - or, just reselling the account again. Either way, it's hard to distinguish the intergrity of the account (the seller will usually cover up sensitive information).

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