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Hosted Tab Listings - $19.99 (USD)


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Service: Offering hosted tab listings for the price stated in the title of this thread and also below.

Price: $19.99 (USD)

Method: PayPal

Available listings: 0

Skype contact: mikael.smg



How it works:

You contact me on Skype that you would like to have your server added to the listing. The address must be in numeric form and no letters should be included. Example of a valid one is "111.222.333.444" and an invalid address would be "invalid-address.com". You will then receive a PayPal e-mail to send money to and you will send them to that address as a purchase. Once the money is correctly transferred, the money will be used to buy a listing by me and I will add your server address there. Keep in mind that the money must have been fully transferred before I can add your server.



PayPal Message:

When sending the PayPal payment there is an option to send a message along with the money. It is very important that you include this format and answer it when you send the money.


Address: Skype: 


The address is the IP of the server you would like to have added. The Skype field is for your Skype ID or more known as the name that you use when being added by others. This is simply to confirm that you are the person that I have had the conversation with.



24h policy

Once your listing has expired you have 24 hours to renew it or request to renew it before I can take requests from others.


7-days policy

Once your listing is about to expire I will make sure to at least attempt to contact you (the requester) about it. If I do not have any contact information I will attempt to register on server's forums to make contact but usually this isn't necessary. If this for some reasons fail then this policy does not apply - please understand that the effort will be put into this but if it has no success rate it will not be my fault of why I couldn't make contact in time.




You, the sender of the money and the requester of a server being added on my GAME-MP account, agree to everything stated below and agree by responding to this context that you understand and agree. The request may be declined at any time and the server may be removed from the hosted tab list at any time with no refunds being given. The server requested by you or your server's listing will be removed when revealed to breaking any of the service agreement by SA-MP.com by either the owner of the game-mp account or the game-mp staff:


  • Attempts must be made to protect players from access to explicit content. If your
    server contains elements that may be considered only suitable for adults, your server
    must state this fact to the player when they first join.
  • You may not connect to the SA-MP master list using custom software unless
    permission is granted by the service provider.
  • You may not attack another SA-MP server operator by way of bullying, defamation,
    Denial of Service attack tools, robots or any other means.
  • You may not make defamatory remarks about the service providers, administrators or
    developers of the SA-MP software or servers.
  • You agree SA-MP.com will not be held liable for any attacks by a third party on
    your services as a result of being listed publicly.
  • You may not violate the privacy of a player, service provider or server operator
    by means of exposing passwords or identities without consent.
  • You may not artificially increase your player count or provide false info to the SA-MP query mechanism.



You automatically accept to these terms when paying the fee.

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