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Selling Server ✪Smart Missions✪


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Hi all,

Me and my cousin has worked together to make this server and now we are selling it as we cannot maintain it and finance it as my cousin is sick now suffering from CANCER.

MY name in server "BOOM", and my cousin name "pk.commando".

We are the only owners of it.

you can check server at anytime or contact me on skype id "Abdullahbest", email: [email protected]



Server Information:

Smart Missions is an all game-modes server started in November 2014.

Server IP:

Forum: http://smart-missions.forumur.net



Server Gamemodes:

Our gamemodes are automatically changed after every 5 minutes so you enjoy every type of gamemode every gamemode has its own objective to be completed in 5 minutes, after that new gamemode will be launched.

We currenlty have the following Gamemodes in our database:

  • Deathmatch
  • No Respawn Deathmatch                        
  • Team Deathmatch
  • No Respawn Team Deathmatch
  • Vehicle Stealing
  • Bomb Planting
  • Zombie Mode
  • Derby
  • Races
  • Parkours


Server Features:

We currently have following features in our server:

  • Admin System with more than 130 commands
  • Registration system
  • Login system
  • Stats system
  • VIP system
  • Anti health hacks
  • Anti weapon hacks
  • Anti spawn kill
  • Anti Money hack
  • Shop system which includes weapons shop, vehicles shop and score shop
  • special shop system for VIP players to buy hunters, hydra, minigun, rocket launchers etc
  • score shop has an option to get VIP status for maximum 3 days

and much more...


Price is $100.

We will give you all files including all new maps and admin system we were making for version 2



Some screen shots are below








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yes i have posted a server advertisement on samp server so people come and see our server so maximum people know about it when we sale the purchaser will have more players we cannot place a sale advertisement there because its not allowed there

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