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IBP:RP For sale (dynamic RP gamemode)


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Hello everyone my name is GuSo.

I am here to sell IBP:RP, its been collecting dust for too long now and I reckon somebody could make good use out of it.

It has everything you need to get going, the script it seperated into loads of files, and in folders, so you know where to look.


It has a account system where you register with a nickname, and can have characters under the nickname forexample you login as GuSo, and you select which one of your characters you want to play on, you can swap between characters ingame without reconnecting, you just have to wait 15 seconds in a sitting animation for it to log you out of the character to avoid people disappearing. 


There is a new phone system with textdraws, it allows you to save and delete contacts on screen. There is a video further down, however that was not the end result, it has been updated since and now works. You can call from public phones (forgot the name of it in english)


The vehicle system works like any other great server, everything you need, factions can purchase vehicles (This only goes for legal factions such as the police, government, medics)


Faction leaders can adjust their faction settings themselves, no need for admins, such as joinrank, colead rank and so on.


There is a inventory system, this is what I spent most time on, making everything on the server into items such as weapons, drugs, food and so on. 

Each item is unique, if you want it to be (Set in script) which means that every weapon can carry its own modifications (laser, bigger clip support or what-ever you want) legal weapons carry a serial number which allows the police to track it back to the license holder (The guy who purchased it) you cannot carry unlimited weaponry, items have a weight set which can be adjusted, this means that you wont be able to stack up a whole inventory with AK's, if you want to be able to carry more items you would need to buy a backpack which automatically equips to your character if you have it in your inventory, you wont be able to remove the clothing part unless you drop the backpack, clothing is a part of the inventory.

Houses and trunks can carry items, there are no other type of items on the server, its all items, and can be dropped on the ground, picked up by others, stored in trunks and or houses, if you want to store it in a house you have to buy a stash which is a piece of furniture, and be close to it.


Furniture system is like any other great server, might need some work to make the purchase part more user friendly, it works, and support open/closing doors, some furniture are interactable such as stashes, fridges and doors.


Weapons use clips, you can modify weapons with lasers and other attachments, weapons have special names instead of standard ones, and you can create more types yourself and adjust their damage and what-ever you want to do, I have added support for almost anything in the script, when you understand it you will thank me.


Most jobs make use of items, such as garbage drivers have to walk out of their truck and collect garbage (an actual object) and throw it into their truck, there are also garbage bins around town where you can throw garbage or other items in to it such as weapons, these bins save on restart.



Everything is stored in MySQL, no file saving.


There is loads more which every other server has I guess, I dont need to mention all the small stuff, I cannot remember everything, but if you are interested feel free to message me, I can answer your questions, I have spent many years/hours on this script and many many hours on optimizing and cleaning up so its easy to get around the script, you can toggle the script between Los Santos & Bone County (Fort Carson) with changing a number in the script.


I have a youtube channel, have in mind the videos might not be up2date, so what you see might have changed, but its just so you believe me.




Have a nice day

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Please contact me on skype my name is Paziiek - if you dont trust the skype name, then PM my youtube account IBP GuSo or email me at Johndaone AT live.dk

I promise you all its worth it if you are looking for a new script or wanting to learn things, I have put many many hours into this script and maybe you can learn something from it, this is my master piece and now you have the chance to make use of it :)



And yes this allows people to change furniture texture, and it saves the texture.


// edit. 

I cannot answer PM's that is why i ask you to contact me elsewhere, no bad intentions

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I cannot edit the post I just made, but I wont take more than 60-70 euros for it. I have not sold any copies yet, I will get my USB stick with the script on it this week then I will just go through it quick and make a fair price.

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