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[$5 OR LESS] Scripting Service

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:: Scripting Service ::

What I provide
Great experience in MySQL
Fast and cheap service
Experienced in Roleplay, Deathmatch, Cops & Robbers scripts
VPS Linux Server Host (Can set up)
Can make LS:RP Death System

Payment is first, if I don't have your request done within 24 hours you will be refunded.
I will NOT release any sort of script I create for you nor will I use it on another service.
Everything I make for you is provided with clean and bug-free code.
If, in the unlikely you find a bug it will be fixed immediately.

I will not script a gamemode from scratch.

:: Contact Me ::

Skype: [email protected]
Discord: koky#5837
Server: https://discord.gg/3gn22u



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Sent you a friend request on Discord bro! Also e-mailed you. Hmu please!

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    • By WESTS
        Server Informations __________________________________________

      Forums: Under-Maintenance
      Server IP:

    • By Qustark
      Qustark's Deathmatch or for short QDM is a new Deathmatch server on 0.3.7! We are hoping to give you an amazing deathmatch experience. Our script is not only based on deathmatch, but also Team deahmatch, and freeroam where you can do anything at all, go AFK, roam freely, etc.

      Hostname: [0.3.7] Qustark's Deathmatch
      Website: Not Ready yet.
      Discord: Click me

      QDM is currently based on three different types of modes, DM, TDM and Freeroam, new modes might come in near future.

      DM mode is free-for-all place where you can kill anyone as much as you like We got scripted CBUG arena, where you dont have to CBUG manually, its automatiac, other than that arena, you cannot cbug at all which is scripted as-well.

      TDM Mode has FIVE different teams, Grove, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecas and Cops all teams have their seprate bases away from each other with different type of vehicles parked at their base, there is a lot of things planned for this mode which will appear soon.

      We got Duel system which supports from 1 VS 1 upto 4 VS 4 and has 6 different maps.

      Basically there is not much to do in this mode its being more developed, you can go afk there kill as many people as much you like you wont loose anything at freeroam its made for the people who likes to roam around.

    • By Tyrell
      American Generation Roleplay Presents:
      Official Discord link: American Generation Roleplay
      Server IP:
      The continuous expansion of the so-known American generation has come a long way through from the over rise of district to the growth of population in the previous decade alongside a negative impact to the state. Crime has generally engulfed and spread to the province of Red County destructing the backbone of the political and fundamental sources of the state drastically leaving the government in deep confusion. Import your experience and spend the chance today! The future of this infamous generation is independent considering the choice of yours, whether embodying an illegal character and take the lead against the city, or showing loyalty.
      The development of our community is and remains limitless seeking forward on a daily basis. With over half a dozen administrators in due to their volunteering for the betterment of the community and support towards the environment alongside a successful server exceeding the amount of 20 to 30 (now 0-10) players a-day. We are by no means showing the establishment of ours in-accurately but is what we think of.
      - Factions
      (1) Los Santos Police Department, L.S.P.D. abbreviated
      The importance, intention, and mission of the L.S.P.D. is likewise, enforcing law and overlooking crime. Many are looking forward to being apart of this law enforcing faction and are willing to bring in the most of their efforts if not fully. So, what about you?
      (2) Department of Medical and Human Services
      The most important of all, concentrating on the overall health of the state. Providing special operations and treatment for the people in-demand.
      (3) The Government, G.O.V abbreviated
      The backbone of the state, establishing the law and observing what it's followers are craving for.
      - Gang System,
      A basic gang system opposing the leaders to control their own gang script-wisely and providing them within a few commands.
      Last but not least, we are excitedly looking forward your presence!
      American Generation Roleplay administration team.
    • By Ray Wolf
      Paradise Gaming Roleplay was started in March but at that beta was announced server released in April but it only ran 3 weeks then closed due to massive DDOS attacks but the server still managed to survive now everything is going perfect.
      What is server roleplay level?
      The server is a Dynamic Roleplay server.
      What is the player base?
      We have around 150 people on discord. In the game, the server was reaching 30 players in April but now we are down to 10-15 online sometimes this because of DDoS issues we had.
      Who is the server owner? 
      Ray Wolf, I'm the server owner.
      What script are we using?
      We are using Highly edited limitless script edited by me. 
      We are still looking for helpers and faction leaders.
      Los Santos Police Department (Taken)
      Federal Bureau Investigation (Taken)
      Special Service Group (Closed)
      Los Santos Fire & Medical Department
      San Andreas Government (Looking for leadership)
      San News (Looking for a leader)
      Special Services Group (SSG) is closed until the server reaches 30+ players.
      Gang Applications also opened. There are currently 5 slots and 3 slots are already taken.
      I think that's enough Information for the public. 🙂
      IP address:
      Forums: Paradisegaming.rf.gd
      Discord: https://discord.gg/UAeZpqe
    • By Jisoo
      Hi, since my old topic was gone/deleted, I don't know why nor given a reason. But, hopefully, can be restored, so I can use my topic back.
      As you know before, I'm currently selling Italy Mafia RP V7 latest version for a cheap price. All deals can be done via multimart only to avoid any misunderstanding.
      For any questions, please forum-pm me.
      Script Features:
      - Warehouse system (Optimized, WH Robbery)
      - /turf (Will displays turfs cooldown and total houses/businesses)
      - /biz & /house (will now shows the property infos)
      - Dynamic House (Custom interiors/garage, Alarm, armour and more)
      - Accessory (/acc with 3 slots, need to be in clothing shop)
      - Business system (can be created in-game, custom interiors and etc)
      - Drug system (/buy & /produce, captach system, plant and etc)
      - Dynamic vehicle system (Spawnpack, Slots, rental can be set in-game and more)
      - Dynamic factions (can be created via in-game, disable/enable factions, change color and etc)
      - Casino System (Roulette/Blackjack system, /dealers, bets, works fine)
      - War System (Can created upto 2 wars with prizes, kdr, total money lost and more)
      - Lotto System (/startlotto with custom prizes/fees and textdraw)
      - Admins - with more unique/secret commands.
      - Event system (Much more features, race, shipfight, derby, custom)
      - Giftboxes system (Creating via In-game, /giftboxes, /giftbox, and more (same as IM))
      - and more unique systems.
      Script can be tested/seen via teamviewer.
      Version 6: 20 15 EUR (MaiGad's version) | Version 7: 55 50 EUR
      Pictures: This is early 2018 pictures which some things haven't been updated yet. I can't be arse to go in-game and takes another screenshots.

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