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I've been scripting this server for over a year now and is still on progress. I've made the Radio System with the textdraws.
LSRP Mappings such as prison, Buildings, Details around the whole map, CCTV cameras around the city and much more.
This script contains a custom made damage system.
Custom Death system *similar to LSRP*
Phone system same as LSRP *in progress*
Drug System with drug addiction
Taser system
Admin system with a max of 6 levels of administration
Tester System with a max of 4 levels.
Dynamic House system, 
Dynamic Business System,
Dynamic Doors system,
Dynamic Gang system,
Factions: LSPD, LSFD, SASD, SADOC, Rapid Recovery Government and much more.

Some screenshot form the game.

*Edit 12/3/2017. 22:57*
The anti-rush taser script.


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