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Please be aware we are currently sourcing funding for MULTIMART, please click here if you're interested... All donations will go toward MULTIMART and its progression.

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[09/10/2017] Donations & Upgrades #GJE9B

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You may have noticed that as of recently, I have taken over a lot of the Internal Multimart Service on behalf of @Husky.. This is due to Husky having little time to dedicate (fully, Might I add) to Multimart, rest-assured this does not mean he's forgotten or given up about/with Multimart..

This is why I have gone from Moderating Multimart's Content to maintaining the Servers and Forum Security, this is why you may have noticed my lack of activity when it comes to posting as of recently...

Anyhow, to the matter at hand, when WE changed over to IP.Board at an independent cost to us, we originally asked for help for the total cost of converting to a more stable, maintained and security determined Forum System with a larger development community and more features that are better suited for us without myself having to spend hours of my times developing systems/features that only need to be updated for every minor release prior to usupdating...

We are still looking for Community Funding, for theseimprovements; As Multimart has withheld implementing main-stream advertisements on the site, such as those found on Facebook, Twitter and so on; This will no longer be the case as we'll be implementing them at the end of the month to help with maintaining server costs.

With this change we will also be implementing a new "Subscription" based Donation system, allowing for a tiered system.. We do not plan on having hundreds of "tiers" however we do plan on having enough to warrant them.. This will allow users some of the following abilities.

Rest- assured all tiers will have the ability to disable/hide Advertisements on the site, this however will be limited to our Mainstream Advertisements and no those shown on Community Threads (every 15 posts or so)...

Further more, we would like to request help from the community to assist with some Upgrades that'll allow us to maintain Multimart, this'll also allow us to implement a few new features to Multimart including Downloads (YAAAAY) but as we've already got IP.Board we will only require $300 this includes the renewal fee for our existing Support and maintenance provided by Invision Software.

Anyway onto the benefits of Subscribing to a package (billed monthly) as I promised I would detail.

Please be aware that this is purely an outline of our plans for our Tier based Subscriptions, as such are not set in stone and will possibly change once implemented.

Now some of you may have questions regarding how existing "VIP" Members will be effected, I would like to personally assure you that you will receive a free two (2) to three (3) month subscription based on the amount you've assisted Multimart with maintaining our services.


Best Regards,

Austin "TheOnlyDroid"

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