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Forex Gaming Roleplay [0.3.7]

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Hello there SA:MP Community Role Players! We are glad to present to you Forex Gaming Roleplay!

Are you in search of a new rising community? Are you in search of a server where in the admins can and will entertain you to the fullness of your content? Are you looking for a server that is disciplined? Where in the admins are strict about it but is most of all easy to get along with? Join Forex Gaming Role-Play now! 

Forex Gaming Server Launch! Exclusive Giveaway to Members!

Dear Members & Guests, we are announcing a giveaway to our members. The top 2 best active players of "Forex Gaming Roleplay" Ingame will get a random steam game for free.
The steam game can be any game like CS:GO, GTA V, PUBG or any other random steam game for free.


Are you finding for the server IP address?

Hmm And Forum also right? : Its Secure! [Click Me]

I think you are finding where is the giveaway right? Click Here !

> Miner Job

> Added more items in clothing store

> Furniture System

> Fishing Job

> Debit Card System

> More commands in admin ranks

> Land System

> Dynamic House System

>Dynamic Mapping

> Just added some simple features, Join and see yourself !



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