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Trivium Roleplay Review

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Hello everyone with another one of my reviews.
Today I've played on Trivium roleplay and I wouldn't say it is a heavy roleplay server at all. The script is stolen (Maybe its not stolen because the owner released it on SAMP forums) but its stolen because the developer (quezy or something) faked the fact that he took it from samp and they said it is "Unique from scratch script". I've done a couple of conversation with the admins and they all said the same that it is "from scratch" which is a total lie. One of the most important things that you never do is taking someone script especially from SAMP and not giving him credits at all, also claiming its yours.

Staff Team 3/10
I would give the server three out of ten considering their staff professionalism, corruption and maturity. The staff gave everyone on the server $15,000 in the first day of the server. Yet again they claim they're a heavy roleplay server while giving everyone 15k? I don't think god would drop a 15k IRL on all the population Reee. The staff team are generally toxic and unprofessional they were insulting each other on the discord server and they insulted two players and it ended in banning the players ofcourse.
Script 0/10
The script like I stated it is completely plagiarised from SAMP forums and they're claiming it is their script which is funny and pretty lame in the same time.
The Community 6/10
I would give this six out of ten. The community are not toxic and it is fine, but this is usually the normal thing for new communities.
In overall I would give them a 6 players a day.

In overall I don't recommend this server at all especially if you to roleplay on a "heavy" roleplay server.

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