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[SELLING] gamemode looks like LSRP


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For sale SA-MP gamemode, a looks like "Los Santos Role Play".

[MySQL Version R39-6.]
[Lines of code: 60,500.]

Everything works perfectly. No bugs, the code of the gamemode is in good condition. Loads withstand excellent, we tested. In the gamemode, everything is on the dynamics, everything can be changed or transferred to trivia directly in the game.

Note: gamemode is written Russian launge. 

Note: Sell in one hand.
Contacting me - [email protected]


>> Los Santos Police Department - (includes a wide range of functions, many different commands and functions).


>> Los Santos Fire Department - a faction of the fire department, which includes a medical department.

>> Los Santos Government (Government) - government faction.

>> San Andreas Sheriff's Department - fraction of sheriffs. The functionality is similar to the faction of the Los Santos Police Department, with the exception of certain functions that are not available to this faction due to the fact that this is solely the responsibility of the police department staff.

1) The faction has its own garage in Dilimure, which houses cars for the faction. There is also an office interior in the same building and two helicopters at the helipad on the building itself.
2) Also in one of the villages near the pier the faction has 3 boats.

>> San Andreas Department of Corrections - the faction of the prison, where prisoners and convicts come.

>> San Andrean Network - news media faction.


  1. Phone system(TextDraw, ringtone, calling, sms, history sms/calling, Notifications on the display and other)
  2. Ads system(/ad /cad /ads)
  3. Clothing system mall(/buy /clothing)
  4. Dealership system
  5. Faction system
  6. Trucker system with cargos
  7. Tuning system
  8. Frisk system 
  9. Death system(injured, death)
  10. Weapon system (Charge weapons and discharge, /weapon)
  11. Trunk system with gun system
  12.  Fuel system 
  13. Radio system 
  14. Saving system + deposit/withdraw and cheques
  15. Paycheck system
  16. House system with furniture retextured and slots, street furniture 
  17. Boombox system
  18. Business system 
  19. Garages system (/garagehelp, /buygarage, /garageinfo, /sellgarage, /enter, /exit, /lock)
  20. Licenses system
  21. Snackbars system (clucking bell, burger shot, pizza, dount, /meal and other)
  22. Hacking system (house, business, car)
  23. Notes system
  24. Barriers system (lock access from the police)
  25. CCTV system
  26. Job system (Trucker, Taxi, Mechanic, Pizzaboy)
  27. Animation system
  28. Drugs system
  29. Crime faction system 
  30. Door system
  31. Anticheat


Screenshots system:














- Interior LSPD + garage
- Strip Club
- Small Office
- Social club at the airport
- Bar
- A cafe
- The brothel
- Fight club
- Street names in the form of signs on buildings
- Chinese restaurant
- Club
- Korean Cafe
- Gallery
- Ranch
- Cabaret
- Laundry service
- Laundry 2
- Butcher shop
- Meat shop 2
- Night club
- Medium office
- Pawnshop
- Bar
- A pub
- Pub 2
- A restaurant
- Restaurant 2
- Strip Club 2
- Tavern
- Hookahs
- Pawnshop 2
- Tattoo parlor
- Petrol station in the Airport
- Gas station in the Ghetto
- The petrol station on Vinewood
- Bar on Verona Beach
- Beach
- Italian restaurant
- Shopping center
- National Park
- Pub 3
- Pawnshop
- Skate park
- Skyscraper of Santa Maria
- Interior of the SASD faction (Sheriffs)
- Garage of the SASD faction (Sheriffs)
- SASD Cameras
- Stock
- Warehouse 2
- Warehouse 3
- Warehouse 4
- Apartment Complex
- LSPD billboards (police)
- The bridge next to the shopping center
- Homelessness
- Furnished Jefferson Lane
- Motel Jefferson and the streets
- Service
- Tuning centers
- A unique pier on the lighthouse
- Stops around the city
- Embellished streets
- Road signs around the city
- SRT 2
- Hospital central (+ interior unique)
- Objects of houses
- Beach arrangement Santa Maria
- The interior of the prison and blocks
- Stations for the train
- Interior of the train car
- Trailer
- Apartment
- Los Santos Airport
- 24/7 in the Ghetto
- Italian bar
- A restaurant
- Bank interior
- Pawnshop
- Japanese restaurant
- Spa
- SAN interior (media)
- Chinatown (+ a bunch of interiors and apartments in the area)
- Police Station 54th
- Transport company office
- Taxi Office
- Office of Driving Schools
- Bar
- Apartment
- Recording studio
- Station of fire department LSFD (+ garages with electric locks)
- The interior of the car dealer's showroom
- Hospital in the Ghetto
- Motel
- Motel 2
- Basketball court on El Coron
- Airport Workshop
- Office
- Night club Malibu
- Refurbished area near Alhambra
- Blocks on Jefferson
- Wilfold Development Area
- Garage 1
- Garage 2
- Port for Truckers
- Garage 3
- Garage 4
- Garage 5
- Garage 6
- Skyscraper Atrium
- Donuts
- LSPD awarding ceremony with a monument
- Parking for helicopters
- Developed territory and a signboard of the SAN faction (mass media)
- SAN flowers near the faction building
- A unique night club
- Apartment
- A unique station on the Market
- Massage parlor
- CTO Vinewood
- Training center of the LSPD / SASD faction
- Interior of the LSFD (fire department)
- The unique interior of the GOV faction (government)
- The building of the SASD faction (sheriffs + monument)
- Audio studio
- Pawnshop
- The equipped territory of the Transport company (including electronic gates)
- Landfill
- Bar for bikers
- Studio
- Church
- Night club
- Strip club
- 20 different hostel interiors


https://imgur.com/a/lG9K6 - City Pier
https://imgur.com/a/YoQDl - Market Station
https://imgur.com/a/YgyoG - Tuning
https://imgur.com/a/PbrKT - Los Santos Government
https://imgur.com/a/qbhN5 - Night Club
https://imgur.com/a/13BJw - San Andreas Network
https://imgur.com/a/MvJt5 - Scene of awards LSPD 

https://imgur.com/a/A6DME - Office Transport Company 
https://imgur.com/a/uFTKT - LSPD Billboard
https://imgur.com/a/wXoCp - Garages
https://imgur.com/a/AmO8m - Airport GAS Station
https://imgur.com/a/kLtXy - Airport Social Club
https://imgur.com/a/ePuAv - Verona Mall
https://imgur.com/a/IiqQW - Central Hospital Interior


Not to list all the systems, who knows LS:RP . More details in the attached file

Sell gamemode LSRP.css

Edited by Lalala
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Disappointed. Had tested a script, agreed to purchase, sent over the money and the wrong script was sent to me. I've since reached out and had no response. Hopefully they'll be in touch to rectify the situation.

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14 hours ago, Harry said:

Disappointed. Had tested a script, agreed to purchase, sent over the money and the wrong script was sent to me. I've since reached out and had no response. Hopefully they'll be in touch to rectify the situation.

You answered and gave a full detailed answer.
This is the game mode. Install everything as it should and check. I reply to the post office as far as possible.

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12 hours ago, Harry said:

I have provided evidence showing the script you showed me is not the one you had sent me. Hopefully we can sort this out this evening.

No problem. All the details and the issue with you will be solved as soon as I'm home. 

I've sold to people before and everything was fine.

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I already answered you as promised. I sold you the version you paid for. The updated version is more expensive. I told you about that.
I have with this forum people have already bought and they do not have any questions to me.

Edited by Lalala
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