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In the last few months, I have started to see a decline in Multimart's Daily, Weekly and Monthly statistics most alarmingly a heavy decrease in returning community members.. I started helping @Husky in whatever capacity I could, including but not limited to encouraging the move to Invision Power Board (Known as IP.Board).. This however is only one of the reason I'm no longer actively attempting to increase community growth or User Interaction.

Furthermore, my involvement with Multimart was originally that of a supportive role; A moderator, that then turned to me taking a Managerial role within Multimart's Structure; I did start development of many Inclusive features for Multimart (And therefore any communities that then followed under "Avovix Solutions") such as our Community Complaints system that has not been introduced (And never will).. The style of the site and a few little bits here and there like the "Community Staff" badge that displayed an Icon (Or image where applicable) to member's of selected groups for both Multimart Exclusive staff and over-all Management staff of "Avovix Solutions"..

This included many hours of work, when I had the time free from my primary source of Income; Some of you may already know what I do and some of you may not.. All for free, none of it paid work because Multimart is a community that myself and many other members of the community have come to love and or hate over their time here.

My contributions of  (and/or) to Multimart have always been that of Development and Learning; When I'm not moderating the communities content that is.. I draw from my expertise and what I love doing even outside of work.. But if I'm being honest with you, there will always come a time when even I can't help but notice the sheer lack of interest in some key members of the community.

Furthermore, the key reason behind me stepping down from my position isn't due to the lack of new community members, the lack of amazing statistical information or the lack of returning members for that matter.. It's due to how Multimart has come to be ran, a lot of the moderation at-least in terms of content moderation that has either been approved or doesn't require the need to be approved in my case; Has been left to myself and Hustle... This is on top of my time being spent developing features, systems and improving upon those already in-place (Mainly backend, that franky haven't even been noticed).


Anyone who wishes to contact me you can do so through steam, discord or email.

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Thank you for what you have done for MultiMart. It is highly appreciative. I wish you the best.

On a side note, your probably the first person I've trusted with back-end access. You haven't failed to disappoint anyone.

Best of Luck!

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7 hours ago, $hustle said:

You've put in a lot of work here that probably hasn't been noticed by the average user when it deserves to be.

Good luck in your future and with your career mate.


To be completely honest, half the community has yet to realise the amount of work myself and you have put into Multimart in the last two years; Visually, Systematic, Moderation to name a few.. Its a shame that it seems to go completely unnoticed, however that wasn't the case with the Christmas theme a few people like it and made it clear that they liked it.. 

Prior to me stepping down, I disabled the theme.. However its still there and available to be used at the end of 2018 for those who are still around by then, not to be negative IF Multimart is also still around by then..

Regardless of any of that, I put the work in out of pure dedication and love for the community (As much as y'all all hate me at times); And that'll never change, just because I've stepped down does not mean I won't be around any longer... In fact quite to opposite, but I will be prioritising work and my social life more now..

All the best,
Austin "TheOnlyDroid"

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We'll miss you. You've been here since the beginning, actively developing on Multimart, handling Community complaints and reaching out for the Community. This is a huge loss for Multimart.

I'm glad to read, that you'll continue to browse Multimart. 

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