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[SELLING]Roleplay Gamemode From Scratch


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[align=center]ROLEPLAY GAMEMODE[/align]

The script:

I've started coding this gamemode back in 2011 for a Latvian roleplay community and the development was almost 3 years long until we launched our gamemode on the server. The server reached 60 players at its peak, but we had to shut down the project because of administration of the server in 2014. After the shutdown I lacked interest in SA:MP overall to continue a roleplay project and I left SA:MP. I would like to say this gamemode contains a lot of unique features on which I invested massive amounts of time and I would like to see some other community continuing my work, that's why I'm planning to sell this gamemode. The gamemode uses SSCANF, FOREACH, MySQL, the gamemode is 63000+ lines.




It contains most of the features what a basic roleplay server would have and lots of new, unique systems, atleast that were unique back in 2011.

I will write a really small descriptions of systems that are scripted into the gamemode.


Master account system:

Once you register on the server, you have to create a character, every account can hold up to 5 characters. You can switch characters in game without restarting gta_sa with a command whenever you wish. 

http://i.imgur.com/QWKGfwZ.jpg (character selection screen)


Quest system:

We didn't spend a lot of time on this, but there's such a thing as a quest system in this script. If my memory is right, there's 2-3 quests already in the script, which are really interactive and you can choose whatever you want to do in the quest. But there can be easily added more quests.


Languages system:

Every character can learn multiple languages in language school. Once a character is created, every character's default language is english, that they all understand. You can switch your character language in game and the characters that haven't learned the language you are speaking in, they won't see what you're saying, they will see random letters coming from you.


Inventory system:

This is one of the main systems. There are up to 46 types of items that can be put in your character's inventory. Such as weapons, munition, driving license, marijuana seeds, portable computer, cellphone, clothes etc....

The items can be dropped on ground ( they will save there forever ), destroyed, sold, used, police can check up on your inventory and arrest you for having illegal items in your inventory.



Unique cellphone system:

Every character can have as many cellphones they want, that is, if you have enough inventory space. Every cellphone has unique number and the cellphones can be given to other characters, dropped on ground, etc... as it is as an item in the inventory system.



Options for a cellphone:

- Call a number

- Send a text message(SMS)

- View text messages

- Add a contact

- Look at contacts


Every cellphone saves its unique contacts list and text messages, that means if you give a cellphone to another character that contains the text messages the character will be able to look at them.


Vehicle system:

This is one of the biggest systems in the gamemode. Admins can create vehicle dealerships with a command in game. Dealerships can be bought and every dealership has an unique area where you can park the vehicles you are selling. To get a vehicle you wish to sell the dealership owner has to buy a vehicle from the vehicle warehouse from a dynamic list that can be easily edited in the database. They have to drive the vehicle to the dealership and park it in the dealerships area and set a price. Once a player buys a vehicle, the player receives a key to his car in his inventory and he can make new keys that can be given out to other characters so they can drive the car. Mechanics can mod the vehicle. 

Every vehicle has its own unique trunk that can store up to 20 items from your inventory.



Houses, garage and furniture system:

There are over 500+ houses all over Los Santos, the house system works as basic roleplay house system and it has a garage system attached to it. The houses are dynamically created by admins in game and garages too. Admins can set the garage to be sold together with a house or the garage is sold without a house. Characters can own unlimited amounts of houses. The advantage of owning a garage is that the vehicle parked in the garage can't be lock picked and stolen.

Furnitures can be bought for every house's interior, they can be edited, removed, etc.. etc.. to costumize your house.

http://i.imgur.com/qB1KEym.jpg (garages, houses, paycheck textdraw)


Unique restraunt / food system:

Restraunts can be created in game by admins. Player can buy a restraunt and add products to it. After he has added products he has to add foods to the menu he wishes to sell. The player can name the food as he wants as the system is dynamic and how much foods he wants to add to the menu is up to him. How much hunger it gives and how much HP it regens is dependent on how much products it costs to create the food. More products - More hp regened from the food - More hunger reduced. The system is totally costumizable by the players and is really unique.


Unique business system:

Businesses can be created in game by admins. The character which owns the business has to order items to the business manually from the factory. Then the items can be bought from the business by the players. The owner can edit the prices of products and it's is fully costumizable. Once a player buys a product from business it will get added to his inventory.


Weapon serial code system:

Every legally bought weapon has a serial code and the owner is to the serial code is added to the police database. The police can check every weapon's owner. Illegal weapons doesn't have a code, so police can arrest you. I wanted to make a bullet case system, when a bullet is shot it will create a bullet case on the ground and police could track the weapon from which it was shot and therefore the weapon owner, but I didn't get that far.


The gamemode contains A LOT more of features such as blood stain system, etc... that I might add to the list later, but you can ask me any questions about the features.

This is an REALLY small description of the gamemode, if you wish to find out more or test the gamemode you can PM me.

I will set a test server for SERIOUS offers only.



I'm looking for offers at the moment, the best offer wins, as I'm willing to only sell a single copy of the gamemode or 2 copies. 

If you are interested in buying this gamemode you have to PM me your price you are offering, and we can talk about other details as adding new features or supporting the gamemode for you.


I will update the topic with more later.


Some other screenshots:








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