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Reporting $hustle again, dont lock


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This forum should be a democracy , so $hustle don't lock this. you can just lock topic that talking about you cuz u don't like them.


I bought from him 10 days ago, paid a big amount of money. since then NOTING- not even replay my massages on skype, on forum, just noting. took the money and totaly ignoring me.


He may be sick 8 days ago, but come on, its been MORE THEN A WEEK since then and we all know that u dont need that long to recover from illness or whatever.

Im not the only one that waiting, but thats to much. We want answers. we want our money back if his not able to supply what we paid for. this forum have a great reputation when it comes to samp and whats going on here its just a shame. 


Not first time that happend as well with him as i searched around a bit on forum:





Give us answers, management .



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