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      Complaints and Inquires   04/02/2018

      Hi all, It's come to my attention that Complaints and Inquires are ending up in the wrong place. If you have a Complaint or Inquiry (e.g- A Staff Member, a ban etc) please contact @Husky or contact us at our email at [email protected] Kind Regards,
      Avovix Solutions.
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I didn't expect to find myself back in these forums writing a complain against an user, especially when I used to be one of those who would review these complains long time ago, however times have changed and circumstances have forced me to be back here, disputing against those who take other's hard work onto their own advantage.

Before I go on with the explanation, I would like to point out that I am known as Private200 in many forums, those of the xSF and SAMP forums included.
(evidence of me being developer can be seen directly on the forums: https://xsfserver.com/forums/index.php)

Access to the script itself as of Build 56 where the server is currently in:

@Alex554, claiming the sale of xSF a.k.a xTreme Stunt Freeroam, does not have any permission to sell this script to anyone.
First of all, this script was first leaked by a scripter back in Build 42 and is since then found in couple of search engines and gaming forums; with some links getting taken down over time after reports and disputes and direct links still being up.
Secondly, since the leaking, no more versions of the script have been officially released from our side and neither anyone has been given permission to sell it on behalf of our community or as our representative. The script has been worked on to take a different path from that of the leaked script, but yet, no permission is granted.

 Please, let's get this off the market as soon as possible. Does nothing other than negatively influencing the player.

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Yes however the topic still remains down, due to the holidays it will take a little longer than normal to conclude this.

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@Alex554 has been banned. According to their profile, he / she last visited the site Thursday. No testimony has been given by the user. If, for whatever reason, @Alex554 would like to appeal this decision, please email [email protected]

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