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[Selling] VWH RP and PRRP + UCP!


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aVampires Werewolves and Humans Roleplay 2016 edit. - You can find information below, in case you want to contact me send me a forum PM.


Some videos about server features.

https://youtu.be/suZw4qV_zyM   https://youtu.be/-GHXBSBGyWc   https://youtu.be/7xogQbhSLlA

  • The Gamemode: - This is not a gamemode where you'll find vampires or werewolves wandering around. It's actually rare to find a vampire. This gamemode is pretty much just like any other roleplay gamemode. There are only a few Vampires or Werewolves around and definitely not easy to find. 
  • Why should you buy this one? - This is a VERY advanced roleplay gamemode like you've never seen before. It gots tons of unique functions. Go ahead and scroll down, a lot of examples are given below. We also mainly play in Palomino Creek, Red County, and it's belongings.
  • Race system - Choose your character's race between Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, and Hybrids. Each race has a different set of skills and abilities that can be learned.It's not easy to take a role of and in the Vampire or Werewolf race. You'll need to know the lore and how to properly roleplay the specific race.
  • Weapon skills and race abilities system - Earn learning points to spend which can be distributed amongst weapon skills and unique race abilities! Vampires can upgrade their running speed, jump, strength, sniffing. . . Werewolves can upgrade their endurance, strength, howl, jump, lick (healing ability). . . Hybrids can read minds, become invisible and even choke their victim from distance (Yes, like Darth Vader). Humans can upgrade every weapon skill, financial ability and reload firearm speed.
  • •Inventory system - The MOST ADVANCED inventory system SA-MP has ever seen! There are over 100 scripted inventory items, from various beverages and food, to vehicle keys, radios, cell phones, wire cutters, repair parts, vehicle parts, id cards, gas cans, siphon tubes, blood packs, accessories and much more! Weapons come as inventory items with condition (The condition decreases upon each use of the weapon) and ammunition is a separated inventory item.
  • Vehicle system - Unique vehicle hotwiring system for carjackers. Break a vehicle's window to unlock the doors, use the screwdriver to open the access panel located under the steering wheel, cut the wires with your wire cutter and connect them correctly to start the engine of the vehicle.
  • Housing system - Being homeless increases the time taken to gain an experience point so hurry with buying a house! Design the interior of your house, buy FURNITURE items and be creative!
  • Thirst and hunger system - Drink water (water, sprunk, alcohol. . .) or eat fruits to maintain your H2O level! Your character will suffer from dehydration if her/his H2O level is below 50%. Eat various food (bread, sandwich, meat, junk food, fish, meat. . .) to maintain your Food level or drink blood if you're a Vampire.

PR-RP is a well-known script so I won't give information, in case you are interested go ahead and forum PM me.

Also the version of PR-RP I sell is edit with a lot of bug fixes and new features and includes User Control Panel (UCP) !!

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