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[TRADING] for a Mid 2017 of IMRP V7 script


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I'm currently offering my Steam Account for latest/good version of Italy Mafia Roleplay script.

Looking for IMRP V7 version mid 2017 or better and I'm trading this script for my steam account below.

I can confirm this is my legit account (or 2nd account @ inactive @ idle )

If you want to trade, feel free to message me, I prefer to use high rep middleman.


I've purchased this version:

IMRP V6 [non sql, non dynamic]

IMRP V7 [sql, dyanmic, version late 2016]


Looking for :

IMRP V7 Mid 2017 or better.

Quick info:

- It must have warehouse system like /robwh and so on.
- /turfs system must be in dialog which can view informations and turf hours.
- To produce drug, it must be like /produce (and type some words).

and etc

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