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[SELLING] Adapted Roleplay Script


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I'm selling the script for a project I'd been working on, and had invested hundreds of pounds in before having some personal issues and having to pull out. Add me on Discord, Smithy#7685 to discuss the sale.

The script was originally purchased for $70.00 before over $500.00 was spent on custom mapping, new scripts, additional features, and personal time invested. IMGUR album available on request.

Price is final. $50.00 per copy or $200.00 instant sale no further sales buyout.

Script Features

  • Administrator System
  • Phone System (SMS + Phone Call)
  • Property System (Businesses, houses, garages, apartment complexes and apartments)
  • Furniture System for businesses, houses, apartment complexes and apartments.
  • Vehicle System
  • Vehicle Modification System (Fully custom, textdraw based)
  • Vehicle Security System
  • Vehicle Rental System
  • Clothing System
  • Hunger & Meal System
  • Advertisement System
  • Career & Side Job System
  • Property Upgrade System (Upgrade the security of your building to protect against intruders/thiefs)
  • Tax Management/Faction Funding System (All factions are funded by a centralized faction bank of the Government, which is funded through tax set dynamically)

Legal Careers

  • Law Enforcement Career
  • Medical Career
  • Taxi Career
  • Mechanic Career
  • Trucker Career (Legal & Illegal) (You can deliver legal goods or illegal goods, your choice)
  • Farming Career
  • Fishing Hobby
  • Lumberjack Career
  • Mining Career (Completely custom mining system including bombs/C4)
  • Trash Collector Career

Illegal Careers

  • Weapon Dealer
  • Weapon Supplier
  • Drug Dealer
  • Vehicle Thief
  • Furniture Thief/Robber
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