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False Verdict and topic removal.


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I just got false Verdict and my topic has been removed.


I did not posted common sold items, as I've never seen someone sells his house for cash.

In addation for house I'm looking for guns, money and vehicles. I understand that guns and money counts as common sold items but I've added those in addation.

I can't find any logic reason for this verdict, please handle.

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  • Avovix Management

Hi @NamelessHorse

I'm sorry that you've been given a warning and your post has been hidden from the site; I've took the liberty of undoing the actions of @$hustle and making your post visible again, you have not and did not breach our Terms Of Service or Community Guidelines as such there was no warning to be issued and/or no reason to hide the post in question, once again I apologize on behalf of Multimart and Avovix Solutions.

All the best,
Austin "TheOnlyDroid"

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