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bidness SCAMMER


Message added by TheOnlyDroid

Requested information has not been provided, this thread will be locked on the 6th February (2019), unless said information is provided prior to the date specified.

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I PM-ed him about his account, he sent me picture of Taariq's property, 1st picture is Taariq's, he just cropped it ( that proves how much stupid he is ) 2nd picture is also from some random guy, not his, I want to advice people to not DEAL with this guy, he uses strange photos and he is a liar and a scammer, he already scammed two guys, and he tried to scam me.


Compare 1st picture up and this picture: https://imgur.com/a/0xlP8hK

Means that he used picture stats from other members which posted it public, also I want to say to sellers such is Taariq, don't post picture of guns or ingame picture of stats or whatever else, and to the other guy, because scammers can use it to scam people, also want to advice other sellers to NOT post their ingame pictures in public because as I said, they can be ABUSED and some random paki can scam ppl so easy just like this fag.



@$hustle @TheOnlyDroid @Husky

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I agree with this, bidness used other seller's stats screenshots and weapon screenshots in order to scam people, he abused my screenshot of guns by cropping it and removing part where I wrote "Taariq LSRP for SakkChaser Multimart" Greed is right, don't deal with "bidness" guy because he is 100% scammer

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