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[SELLING/EXCHANGE] - New Divide RolePlay

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Hello, this is script of my project and i want sell this or exchange other hardcore script such a : Red Country Role Play and more...

Language: 95% English


1) Speedlimit System + Speedometr.

sa-mp-151.jpg.31a2281b9e0345563a0b7c407a38134e.jpg     1244984584_sa-mp-151(1).jpg.5b4db010473ce7cae756cb46d06e050e.jpg

2) Locations and jobs. (/locations)


3) When you join the server.


4) /inventory  system and drop.

sa-mp-159.jpg.a8224ef245c0fe7415f88e07fdd087c9.jpgsa-mp-158.jpg.c3402d8cd42c18f55ec9aeae7983d97f.jpg      sa-mp-160.jpg.e0d5c65f989218c147db583e37276a28.jpg

5) Administration commands:


Systems:  USER CONTROL PANEL SYSTEM(UCP) ; 3 CHARACTER SYSTEM ; SPEEDLIMIT ; Seatbelt ; helmet ' 0.3.dl models and more...


My Facebook Link is : -

My Discord is: -removed-

I Can upload gamemode on host and test together :) 


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