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LSRP Guns+Drugs+Money+Accs - 20 ounce $5 - 100/100 purity

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Weapons for sale: (bulk only)
15 guns for $25
30 guns for $40
(Colt45, Deagle, Shotgun)

MONEY $$$ $20 for 2M

I also have a Level 16 account for sale $30.
Level 17 account with Gold Donator $45.
Level 7 account with clean criminal record $20
Guns, money and drugs will be given on buying an account, on top of what the account already has.

Drugs for sale:
All types of drugs are on deck, and will be served with 100/100 strength at all times.
Cocaine, Heroin, Oxy, Xanax, Weed, Ketamine, MDMA, Meth etc.
20 ounces $8
40 ounces $16
60 ounces $24

80 ounces $30

Contact me through Private Message, I'm willing to send screenshots with my drugs and /servertime upon meeting a serious buyer.

Deals completed:



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Added a message.

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1 hour ago, Reece102 said:

You around now?

Yes PM me your discord and we talk information and then finish deal here on MultiMart.


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