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We'd like to announce that we've officially enabled our support system; Due to an increase amount of people using our "Contact Us" option we took the step and enabled the support system so we'll easily be able to direct you to the correct area's or resolve issues quicker.. With this we've also enabled our store front which allows you to donate to multimart to help with running costs..

Or alternatively, something we've been planning for a long time and didn't quite get right a handful of times; we've also setup our "Multimart Insider" early adoption programme which will give you everything our "Multimart Insider" role provides and more (see below for some examples/abilities)

More/Most Multimart Insider Abilities

  • Advertisement Free Experience (IMPLEMENTED)
  • Multimart Insider categories, forums (IMPLEMENTED)
  • Multimart Insider Expedited Support (IMPLEMENTED)
  • Increased Inbox limit (IMPLEMENTED :: 1,500 Total Conversations / No daily limit)
  • Increased upload limit (IMPLEMENTED)
  • Increased download limit
  • More customisation options (Added Soon)
  • Replied & Topics are highlighted just like the Community Team (IMPLEMENTED)

** By adopting Multimart Insider (during "Early Adoption"); You will receive a discount, initially costing £20.00 (GBP) or $25.82 (USD) as a one off-payment. The "Early Adoption" promotion will be available until July, or until the amount of active subscriptions has reached or surpassed (in case of multiple subscriptions being activated) a total of 25 Members.

Once this promotion has ended, we will start the process of discussing the initial payment and monthly recurring cost of the Subscription; This will include the "Multimart Insider" early adoption at a discount rate as a show of appreciation from ourselves for you adopting the "subscription" early on, we won't be offering a "Lifetime Insider" option now or in the foreseeable future due to how complicated it may become.

You may view Multimart Insider by clicking here https://www.multimart.org/checkout/3/ )

Furthermore, with the implementation of our support system; You'll be able to open support tickets by navigating to the top Navigation Bar, Hovering over "Avovix Store" and clicking on "Support"; You'll be allowed to create a support ticket directly and our Moderators/Management will attempt to respond within 48 Hours (Working Hours) and assist you with your problem...

Please be aware, this is not a directly replacement to reports or community reports, our support system is only for account, product, subscription related issues; Additionally any emails sent to our dedicated support email will be redirected to our support system and will link to your registered account if you are using the same email address; However, we will be unable to make account changes without confirmation.


** Multimart Insider (Early Adoption) is a one-time payment of £20.00 (GBP) or $25.82 (USD) for the length of twelve months (12 Months/1 Year); And will be renewed at the current price specified on the subscription planned to be £7.80 (GBP) or $9.82 (USD) a month.

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  • Avovix Management

We've implemented most of the promised benefits to Multimart Insider, remember we'll be stopping our "Early Adoption" programme on July 1st; Once we do you will no longer be able to get the insider benefits for a single payment of £20.00 (GBP) or  $25.82 (USD)... Please bare in mind that this is for the length of a twelve months (12 Months / 1 Year).

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