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[LSRP.io GUNS 4SALE] Unknown's Corner Store[Dgl and Shotguns]

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I've recently opened shop and thought on embarking on trying out this community. I will guarantee you quality service and exchange of goods with a good amount of communication!

(Roleplay situations need to be mixed in during our deal.)

Pay-Pal and Cashapp is required! 

(I accept Pounds and Euros  also, long as they are equivalent to the USD prices displayed below.)

Deagles - $1.50

Shotguns -$2.50

Be sure to contact me beforehand Via PM in order to initiate the deal, Thank you!

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100% Legit. Just bought a shotgun and a deagle. Everything went smooth.

I recommend this user for anyone that needs weapons fast.

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Please be more active within the messenger during our deal just so we can point out plans and location for pick up.

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    • By rinztify
      Selling LS-RP account for 35$ quitting LSRP.
      Level 14 No fac Few drugs, below 50k money has sanchez fully maxed, Active Gold member until June 27th
      Level 3 Fac Sherrifs Department few cash
      Level 1 No fac few cash
      I also accept steam account trades or game trades, GTA 5, RUST, DAYZ.
      PM ME if interested
    • By Brendo
      Hello and welcome to my shop, I'll start of by selling just weapons and drugs but I'm planning to expand in other sales later on. Recently I found out about the site and I'm planning to open a serious shop, taking care of my customers. I might be new to the MultiMart community but I've been playing ls-rp for decades and I know everything, I know how staff works so we won't get into any trouble, I have enough connections to plug you with every weapon you need. I have nothing against using a trusted Multimart middle-man, however you'll have to cover the fee. If you are worried of scamming I'd suggest you to make a small deal and continue with bigger later on.
      What weapons & drugs are available  , as well as what are the prices etc. you can find out by writing me a private message, I'll be trying my best to answer fast! If you are pleased with my service make sure to leave a vouch, thank you.
    • By Flacko
      Hello everyone, as the title implies it all, I look forward to do some business for real money in exchange of creating LSRP application and other answers for cheap rate. I hope this would be a great thing for my Ruskie and Serbian friends who don't know English much. 
      I accept payments through PayPal only and also willing to deal further in the presence of an Avonix staff member or a middle-man, but I won't pay for the Jackie Chan.
      If you are dead interested to play on LSRP and wanna fuck Natasha Valentine, shoot me a PM here. 
      HELL YAW!
    • By Stick
      Why should I trust you?
      My account was created towards the end of 2017. I have no reason in scamming people and have been selling LS:RP assets since 2016.
      My vouches can also be used to verify my legitimacy.
      How do I get support with ban evading once purchased?
      I have been ban evading since 2015. I know near-enough the ins-and-outs of how to successfully ban evade.
      Can I use a middleman?
      Of course, however; the fees that come with a middleman must be produced by you.

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