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As you may be aware, we implemented our "Multimart Insider" programme earlier this year, along with our Early Adoption scheme.. Since our announcement we've been hard at work implementing some of the features that we said would be available.

Some of these features were just a press of a button away, yet we've waiting until some of our core promises were implemented; Like our support system to ensure that everything could co-exist together allowing us to provide a more reliable and much smoother transition than before.

That being said, here's a few changes that have been made and a few high lights (you'll get it soon) to subscribing to Multimart Insider.


To out-line our changes and some of your benefits here are what regular site member's are capable of doing.

  • five (5) megabyte storage allowance
  • Attachments are limited to 500kb per post (One 500kb upload/ two 250kb uploads or sixteen ‭31kb uploads)
  • One link permitted in your signature
  • Fifteen (15) new conversations per-day
    • Five (5) recipients per conversion 
  • 250 Saved Conversations
  • Five (5) reaction quota per-day
  • All replies and threads are the same.
  • Name changes are restricted to once a year; And only after being registered on the site for six months.

With multimart insider you receive the followings improvements

  • fifty (50) megabyte storage allowance
  • Attachments are limited to 1.5 megabytes per post.
  • No limit to signatures at-all
  • No limit to how many conversations you can start
    • Ten (10) recipients per conversation
  • 1,500 Saved conversations
  • No limit to the amount of reactions you can give.
  • Your posts are highlighted (with gold, oooooo') no matter where.
  • Name changes are restricted to once per-month with no limit.
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