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[SA-MP]The Last of Us


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[align=left]Hey, I have found a job as PHP Developer, so I can't really focus on this project anymore. It's been developed for some years, I can't really tell how long, I can't really remember, maybe it was 2012 the beginning of 2013 probably (it was winter). I am in need of some money, so if there are any people interested in buying this script off me, then ask below for more details and via private message. Also, if you are interested in buying this script, please tell me how much you could pay for it (best way of doing it is by sending private message, it's up to you). I can't be really asked to be in SA-MP's community any longer anyway, I just got really tired of it (of people and multiplayer itself). I am 21, so my cadency has finished (since 0.1b here).[/align]


[align=left]Description #1[/align]



[align=left]Updates (updated from time to time)[/align]



[align=left]I hope I posted it right without breaking any rules. Thanks.[/align]

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Not for a $10, that's for sure. Even though, I was updating stuff recently and started working on some faction system and trying to figure out how are they supposed to work and their bases. As for example, I should create creator in-game or let people make their own bases for the factions and implement it to the game.


Anyways, yeah.. started the faction system. Price is rising, not people are interested in it? I also could "sell myself", I can run the server for someone and get paid money monthly for constant updating the gamemode.

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