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Miami Vice Roleplay [0.3 DL]

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Miami Vice Role-play is based on Vice City. When joining the server, you have to download a ton load of texture files, of course, it is based on Vice City. You can either download the texture files from their website or in game. The server's player-base usually hits around 15-20 players, at least they all know English and how to properly role-play. I felt like nothing as the map itself looks dead and you have to wander around to find at least 1 player. The staff team is pretty decent and very welcoming and they are always available to help newbies. Getting a gun is so fucking hard there, unless you have a weapon license. The good thing is that, once you have reached level 8, you can get yourself a weapon license from the Police HQ itself.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.

NB: I just wrote down what I felt from my experience and it may vary from other players.

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