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[0.3.7 & 0.3.DL] GPCI Changer (Customizable)


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For newbies: GPCI = SAMP's version of HARDWARE ID. (Used to detect ban evaders)


Hello guys! I present you a GPCI changer that works for 0.3.7 & 0.3.DL both! This is a single ASI file, and it does not change your GPCI every single time! Thus making lower chances of being banned for "GPCI changer". Combined with a good VPN OR dynamic IP's, you can evade literally everywhere! I have personally evaded on many servers including so called "big servers".


How is it "customizable"?

Well, simply put. You can go back and forth on your old GPCI. So on server's like LSRP, you can use your second account without linking it or something. You still need dynamic IP/VPN though. This just makes it easier and lowers your chances of being banned.

How it works is that when you install it for the first time, it will change your GPCI to random. (Note: GPCI are always random, you can't make it as you wish.)

Then you can switch to a unique identifier for your GPCI like, /changegpci account1 and restart. Then everytime your GPCI will be on the identifier for "account1", so a random GPCI like "ADE85F4A449C589A8E9D594CCC88440A94444AE4" will be known as account1, so whenever you do /changegpci account1 and restart, you will have that GPCI.  Now when you are switching to your other acc. change IP and then when your SAMP loads, before connecting you can /changegpci account2 or on the last session you can do this aswell. And you will have a brand new GPCI!

This is useful if you switch accounts a LOT and can help with PF abusing, and hacking and what not!



Original GPCI:



Changing GPCI:



Restarted with new GPCI:



Changing again as I can do as many times as I want.





Command: /changegpci (optional: identifier)

You don't really need to activate it, it will give you a random GPCI at once. To change it again, you can /changegpci for any random hardware ID or /changegpci [random text].


How do I hide this?

Hiding this is not complicated at all. You have many options to use this, you can rename it as a mod. For example, SALodLights.asi, raddarect.asi, SAMPGraphicRestore.asi and what not.

It's not a CLEO so it cannot be disassembled easily and be exposed as a hack.


Supported Versions





Installation is pretty easy, to install you just drag and drop onto your ROOT GTA SA directory OR put it inside your .silent asi loader's scripts folder. There is no 0.3.7 or 0.3.DL specific version! It's supported for both version in one!

Though keep in mind you do require some prerequisites like Visual Studio 2019 Redistributables (10MB isn't much to download)


How it looks:



Virus Total:


(PS, 1/69 is a guaranteed clean score, out of 69 only one thinks its some "virus" why not rest 68 and that are also very well known like AVAST and AVG, and if you still don't believe it. We can come over sharescreen and I will show you the source.)



Lifetime - $15.00


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Huge vouch for this guy, had a decent contract with him and he is very reliable and smooth, simply the best guy regarding to coding and scripts for SA-MP and in general! He will for 100% give you what you want and for what you've been looking for!

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2 hours ago, MarkFlecther said:

Does it work on IMRP? with launcher? will it be undetectable?

I guess NO, my friend. IMRP launcher will go through your entire game directory folder and will certainly read all .asi files.
Not sure about this one, since this is a private .asi file and there's no way for this to be blacklisted from IMRP already. So the chances of this being undetectable to IMRP launcher are very high.

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6 hours ago, Flacko said:

I guess NO, my friend. IMRP launcher will go through your entire game directory folder and will certainly read all .asi files.
Not sure about this one, since this is a private .asi file and there's no way for this to be blacklisted from IMRP already. So the chances of this being undetectable to IMRP launcher are very high.

Well, that's sad. thanks anw

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On 9/2/2019 at 1:39 AM, Chaprnks said:

Who would pay $15 for a GPCI spoofer, if one has already been publicly released?

(showing screenshot instead of link, so it doesn't get misconstrued as advertising)

Easily detectable. Good luck having one static gpci to your preference.

You can also probably once end up with same GPCI as someone else, fucking your own account.

(FYI: Server's like LSRP and famous one's log connections, the IP and GPCI both. Anyone who sees suspicious activity and changing GPCI's will ban for IT or think that you are giving your account to someone)

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Whoever says this is detectable or a scam is just..... yeah. This GPCI gives you your OWN custom number to put in noob terms. If you use a public GPCI such as the ones on ugbase someone could be on the same number and both will be banned. This is the best method to ban evade on LSRP. Or mostly any server at that. Also to mention the public GPCIs on ugbase, your number constantly changes which is veeeery suspicious. With this one you have your own custom number and it saves.

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