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Hey there, I've been ban evading since 2015 and not even a single time I've been banned, all creds to the key I have. I'll provide you with everything, all you'll need to do is to create a ucp and your character. Guaranteed you wouldn't get caught.I'll provide you with additional scripts and tips to avoid getting banned.

$30 for it!

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Why would someone pay you $30 for a ban evading handbook if i can give them a free handbook which works till this day.

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20 minutes ago, swerve said:

Why would someone pay you $30 for a ban evading handbook if i can give them a free handbook which works till this day.

stay off my thread with your advices.

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    • By Fotta
      GTA W Prices are littlebit different, if interested, send me PM ASAP. LIMITED STOCK

    • By freew
      Hey! I’m selling ls-rp account, more details in PM.
    • By ProCoder679
      LSRP gun duplication trick:- $5
      LSRP PF abuse trick:- $5
      GTA:W account:- Basic account, 30k and a glendale. Not played more than 25 hours. // $25 //
      For newbies: GPCI = SAMP's version of HARDWARE ID. (Used to detect ban evaders)
      Hello guys! I present you a GPCI changer that works for 0.3.7 & 0.3.DL both! This is a single ASI file, and it does not change your GPCI every single time! Thus making lower chances of being banned for "GPCI changer". Combined with a good VPN OR dynamic IP's, you can evade literally everywhere! I have personally evaded on many servers including so called "big servers".
      How is it "customizable"?
      Well, simply put. You can go back and forth on your old GPCI. So on server's like LSRP, you can use your second account without linking it or something. You still need dynamic IP/VPN though. This just makes it easier and lowers your chances of being banned.
      How it works is that when you install it for the first time, it will change your GPCI to random. (Note: GPCI are always random, you can't make it as you wish.)
      Then you can switch to a unique identifier for your GPCI like, /changegpci account1 and restart. Then everytime your GPCI will be on the identifier for "account1", so a random GPCI like "ADE85F4A449C589A8E9D594CCC88440A94444AE4" will be known as account1, so whenever you do /changegpci account1 and restart, you will have that GPCI.  Now when you are switching to your other acc. change IP and then when your SAMP loads, before connecting you can /changegpci account2 or on the last session you can do this aswell. And you will have a brand new GPCI!
      This is useful if you switch accounts a LOT and can help with PF abusing, and hacking and what not!
      Custom Objects stealer
      This tool allows you to steal custom objects, considering mappings. I've personally stole a-lot of maps from LS-RP and different server, how-ever. There isn't a pricetag on it yet. It'll be a one time sale, Private bids are also considered.
      Object Stealing Service!
      Don't feel like buying the entire script? Not a problem, We'll steal objects for you. 10$ per thousand(1,000) objects, able to do an entire area aswell. However I won't be doing entire maps (in one file) as my stealer's texturing might mess up doing the whole map at once. So for example if you need Mall mapping from LSRP I will have you it delivered safely, if you need ANY LSRP house interiors, those are available too. Custom models are also copied so you know how useful it is.
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      Sold a high-level account with:
      3 characters (20 lvl,20 lvl,10 lvl). Guard Card on one of the characters. PF License on one of the characters. House on two of the characters. Vehicles (4-5) on each character. Enough pocket money on each character. Namechange on one of the characters. Guns stored in the vehicles randomly. Clean admin record, only one or two ajails on one of the chars (long time ago), no bans. NOTE: Only serious buyers, I won't accept low offers. Middleman usage is okay, but you will have to cover the fees. For any questions contact me through PM.

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