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[ADBOT] LSRP Advertising Script/Bot for sale!


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Hey guys! Today I present you my LSRP advertising bot. It will automatically advertise for you as your ad's are placed so when you place a ad, it will wait for the ad to appear then it will instantly /ad again, meaning there will be no useless delay like in auto hot key scripts that are shit. This will keep a constant flow of ad's coming, this can also result in very bad spam if you like have many people do it hmph.






The bot comes in a ASI file, the precision is very good, it sends a ad EXACTLY the moment the message appears on your screen or aka when the packet is received.

This is going to be very handy in case you need to do adverts for your business, nightclub whatever it is.


If you distrust my program, no problem I can share screen the source and prove the authenticity. Moreover, I can compile and send you in sharescreen or adjust it according to your needs.

This should also work in ANY server that uses the advertising command as [text] not as a dialog and displays the ad's in global chat rather than /newspaper etc. So this is not limited to only LSRP.


Anti Virus Score:



100% clean!


Price: 5€ (5 EUROs)

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