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TheAlmightyKov Scam Report

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Yesterday I decided to purchase an account from this seller, he has told me to send him a payment and include the e-mail so he can change it. I've received the account details and everything was okay.

I was playing with it for the night and when I woke up the next day, I tried to log into it. Wrong password, tried multiple times even the old password he gave me first. Nothing seems to work.

I remembered that he changed the UCP's e-mail, so I decided to use the forgot password option to get the password back. Looks like the E-Mail has been changed as well.

I've PM'ed the seller about it and he claims that he knows nothing about it, but I'm pretty sure he reset the password because you can actually get access back if you use the e-mail you registered with. Doesn't matter if it was changed.

Now he decided to give me the fault. Claiming I'm the scammer here, but due to my standing in this community and the fact that I've never fucked someone over it's more likely that he got his fingers in this.





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