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Looking for LSRP script and UCP (exchange)


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Hi, I have an exchange offered to you, I have the biggest gamemode roleplay FR and his UCP + FORUM, and I would like to have your LSRP + UCP, could we make this exchange is equivalent? The gamemode FR is one of the biggest in the community, server that turned 300 players and still runs to 200 players today, I let you watch on youtube "Leroleplay.fr" or "Lschronicles" , its same owners & developers

If you have LSRP script, contact me

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Yes Im Klayton, I just need to find my password and its ok


On 8/25/2019 at 1:33 PM, MarkFlecther said:

are you Klayton? the author of the thread.

if you can message me at that forum (my account: https://forum.sa-mp.com/member.php?u=239767), then, i'll be glad to exchange.

I did not find my password but do not worry it's me, I can send you screens of files
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