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360Wizz Scammer.


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Lol ok so this kid contacts me wanting to buy the 10 deagles on LSRP and straight up asks me if can do the deal on discord asks me for my discord after i tell him its against the rules he agrees to do it in dms on multimart. I come on LSRP tell him to come to blueberry. We do the deal i give him 5 guns he puts 4 of them in his car 1 on him and then we drive to his other car i gave him the rest of the guns and logged off and then he dms me pretending like we never did any deal... i ask him to stop and then after he just refunds me and comments on my thread "scammer" lol. His account is brand new he literally made it 1 min before pming me. clearly a fucking baiter. There are a shit ton of  "conversations" he started with me if admins can go through the convos and look at the messages that'd be great cause i cant be bothered to send a screenshot of every single convo he invited me to. image.thumb.png.f2e0ad376381cd9156456bafbfc556d7.pngimage.thumb.png.4182f26121601a846f6fb8329b82ba97.pngimage.png.f87e033965b63d231e5098678a4b4b37.pngimage.png.6d7892b9781be5ca7ae36eca2f21485c.pngimage.thumb.png.f018cf3b51fefa44af1487bcff8fb074.png

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