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Community Reports & Abuse

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Recently we've had numerous community reports (reports submitted within a topic view, that have been seen as abusive or redundant; We'd like to clear up how you should use these and the punishments that will be put in place from now own if your reports continue to be deemed abusive / redundant.

Reports such as asking comments to be removed because you personally don't like what they're saying (No, Constructive Criticism isn't against our community guidelines; No we will not remove them because you're a snowflake)... Asking us to delete your own threads, comments or Personal Messages because you've sent something you shouldn't have (Hide the content yourself; Or edit it, it isn't really that hard).

That being said, here's a non-exclusive list for what won't be tolerated

  • Community Reports based on your opinion of another member ( I.E; You disliking them and don't want them posting on your content)
  • Community Reports based on your dislike for another members comments ( I.E; Disliking their criticism)
    • Flaming will still be against our guidelines; However Constructive Criticism has and will always be allowed
    • Targeted abuse will still be against our guidelines; However non-targeted meaning less comments like "Its idiotic" will fall under Constructive Criticism
  • Community Reports asking us to hide, remove your own content.
    • You can hide and edit your own content; Please try it.
  • Community Reports where no information has been provided; Yes blank reports will now get you warned (We're fed up with it)
    • Provided a detailed comment when reporting content
    • Be descriptive in your detailed comment
    • Explain why the content falls under what you're reporting it for in your detailed comment
  •   Community Reports intended to overwhelm, restrict, hinder Community Moderator's ability to moderate the site
    • Spamming our report system will get you permanently banned; No "If's, What's or But's", if you do it; You're banned.


We will review reports on a case-by-case basis; The above list is non-exclusive use these as a guidelines to what you should reports and what you shouldn't reports; Treat members of the community with respect and they'll treat you with respect also; Finally, stop being little snowflakes and grow some thicker skin.

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