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[0.3.DL] Old Town Roleplay | Master Account

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Old Town Roleplay

Server Version : 0.3.DL R1
Server Status : Active
Server IP :
Language : English
Forum : http://otrp.forumotion.com/
Discord :https://discord.gg/rk8Aezv

The new systems on the server:

Dynamic Business System
Dynamic Houses System
Dynamic Pump System
Dynamic ATM System
Dynamic Detector System
Dynamic Arrest System
Dynamic Billboard System
Dynamic Entrance System
Dynamic Crates System
Dynamic Gate System
Dynamic Car System
Dynamic Faction System
Dynamic Gunrack System
Dynamic Job System
Dynamic Graffiti System
Dynamic Soeedcamera System
Hunger & Thirst System
Master Account System
Unique Drug System
Unique Weapon System
Weapon Licenses System

Official Factions:

Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Government
Los Santos Emergency Services
Los Santos News Agency


Garbage Man
Taxi Driver
Gargo Unloader
Food Vendor
Package Sorter
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
3zazMnx.jpg YwJph0Y.jpg 6uSx5Dp.jpg ui38da0.jpg

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Added [/tie] & [/untie]

Added Damages System

Added Mapping at Unity Station

Added new custom mapping

Added Admin Tag above the name of admin On Duty

ATM's & PUMP's getting removed after restart - Fixed

Added few mapping

Added new mapping at Glen Park

Fixed few minor bugs

Jail is now inside LSPD

Houses pickups & Businesses Pickups Removed

Added new mapping at Grotti's Dealership

Added admin approval for bank robbery

Bank Robbery fully working + Bank Robbery rules at forums.

Paycheck system fully working.

Weather bug fixed.

Connection message deleted.

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More Updates!

Prison msg is now showed in textdraw same as Advertisements

Hunger and Thirst IMG's have been change to Textdraw

Vehicle info "Speed" "Damage" "Fuel" "Windows" Have been fixed and showing when enter vehicle.

Courier job payment is now lower.

Miner job payment is now lower.

Driving test now takes the real amount of cash instead 50$

Advertisements will show now like this same as arrest msg, bank robbery msg and Locations, like the picture:




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[/lock] is now only for houses/bizs

[/carlock] is used for personal cars/faction cars

Added 10 Custom Skins for Males and 5 Custom Skins for females at clothes shop.

Added new Custom House mapping for donators.

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