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Miller021 is a scammer


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Has scammed me just now for $40 saying that he would sell me some guns and some Ms (second time being scammed from this forum) I have speculations that he is also Jakaly and Force or they work together to scam me he told me go to Angel Pine and that he spawned the vehicle and once he did that I went all the way there for nothing then got blocked by him he also deleted his store on the forums you really cant trust ANYONE in this world let alone on a forums just becareful out there guys EVERYONE on this forums is a scammer and I mean EVERYONE


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Miller is a scammer, it is clearly evident here that he scammed me and also went AGAINST THE FORUM RULES, AND TOLD ME TO ADD HIM ON DISCORD AND (HE... STILL HASN'T BEEN BANNED YET SURPRISES ME. ) But anywho.. these admins always manage to have an excuse for the scammers on this website makes me wonder if they work together with the admins and moderators but um... 🤔 yeah. Was scammed out of $40 by Miller021 and he hasn't been banned yet or warned, and this report has been up for several days.

millerscam 1.png

millerscam 2.png

millerscam 3.png

millerscam 4.png

millerscam 5.png




On 9/24/2019 at 9:05 PM, Miller021 said:

I will give you stuff you have payed or refund you money. The problem is my PC crashed and that's all. Your choise

Your PC crashed so that made you block me automatically on discord because your fucking PC CRASHED? Does anybody else see this fucking bullshit?

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