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[C#]: The Basics - Introduction(s)

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[align=left]Contents [N:1]


Notice: Some of these 'Tutorials' are not complete or started, they will be linked once they've been created





  • Setup
    • Programs
      • Visual Studio (Other IDE's are fine) [N:2]
      • NuGet (Package Manager ~ Very Handy) [N:3]
      • Themes [N:4]

      [*]Configuration (Optional ~ Personal Preference)

    • Homestead


N:1 -

I would first like to point out, that I am not going to be covering anything related to 'Multi-Platform support' in this C# seriers, this is mainly directed towards Windows and Windows Only, I will on the other hand do a F# series, Once there is enough interest in Multi-Platform support (Such as IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux). This is more than likely going to be a 'Dumbed Down' version of what I would usually teach at a price (Of-course I'll keep the same detail or as-close-as possible)


N:2 -

Visual Studio, is what I prefer to use when creating 'Homebrew' (For Xbox ~ JTAG and so on), along with some programs that I create for 'Clients' or 'Friends', its totally upto you if you want to pay for Visual Studio to get the most of the Windows C# experience (If you're looking for Multi-Platform support, Once I get enough requests I will cover F#, and platforms to cover most Devices or Operating Systems).

N:3 -

This is a must if you want to QUICKLY integrate libraries, and or packages such a MahApps~Metro for WPF (Window Presentation Form), I will be using this to get the C# MySQL Engine along with some random bits and bobs when needed (These parts will include images, for you to quickly grab the same package).




This part is totally upto your preference, but I would suggest using 'Darker' themes in Visual Studio or any-other type of IDE, if you plan to (or already) code for long periods of time, This will reduce 'Eye Strain' in most situations, and sometimes turning off your lights, and using your screens back-light, will also help, allowing your eyes to focus on what you want it to (This isn't really and option, as I've been doing this for about Nine (9) years, and managed to get to a point where I can focus my eyes manually onto a spot and blur out what I want when needed [YES IT SOUNDS LIKE A SUPER POWER!!!!])


N: Disclaimer

I would like to point out, any software that you may 'Torrent' | 'Crack' (or so on), Is not my responsibility, and I take no credit for your actions, on the other-hand you may abuse me if you get arrested on twitter (@SizableRapter (or) @TheOnlyDroid).


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C# is the best.


I learned C# so I could make mods for GTA:IV. :P

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Thread recently updated, theres not much to this update, just some basics, once I've started on the tutorials, each tutorial will have its own Thread, If a tutorial is massive it may be split up into two thread (allowing for a rest), So once I start pushing these out, I hope you can understand them (If i mange to spell stuff right, in my 'NO SLEEP' periods).....

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Great post! Will be reading in my "NO WORK" period!

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