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Knox is a scammer


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Backstory: DM'd him onsite a week or something ago, plugged my discord and he added me, proof is here:



that was last wednesday, couldnt do the deal bcs payment issues


so today, i finally had btc, transfered him $25 all cool

we were both using blockchain, so it should display in his balance at 0/3 transactions, he said he didnt get it tho

now its at 3/3 transactions, which means he 100% recieved it and he still says he didnt get it and that he only can do screenshots, and not screenshare because hes doing a "big deal"




transaction link: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/deaf9300c9e6c84599da850ddd0ddced778af7fdbcda7f0a098407e1eb4341da

his paypal email [maybe its associated to his acc idk] [email protected]

his discord: Knox#2561



[text formatted weirdly, cba removing the effects now]


for some reason, he deleted the bitcoin adress from our chatlogs, look at this gif 




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can confirm but theres nothing to ponder over, just know you've done a good deed for him and his family. they've been struggling economy wise and with your small contribution he can at least feed himself and his grandmother for a day. he puts hundreds of hours into his computer every week and slowly but surely it's putting food on the table for him we should be happy for him that he's finally almost making a living on himself. one more donation and he might finally be able to get himself that new hoodie he's been wanting for his birthday the past two years. we're rooting for you knox and we believe in you! keep your head up through these harsh times.


my donation



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  • Avovix Management


We’re unable to assist you with this report because you took it off-site; We have made multiple community announcements stating that solicitation of off-site communication will result in a ban (for the user who solicited it).

We’ll look into this, until we’ve found a solution I’m going to lock this thread

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