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Selling CLA:RP Script


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This is a unique and nice script. Was supposed to open up a server with this script but having IRL issues so I've decided to sell it online. Script is based in Los Angeles but you can simply change it by changing all the text in the script.

Here are some features:

I can't really mention all features but it's unique and I can show all the features to you in a test server. I don't really have one so you'll have to actually show me a website where they can give temporary free server hosting for it..


Script contains over 58k lines, I know that doesn't matter but just letting you know..


Screenshots of commands and some things:



PM me with offers, my price might be high so I'm not gonna write it here because there are alot of people who are gonne moan and post shit here then. Send me your offers and I'll think about it.. I'm fine with any type of price as long as I can afford Fallout 4 and Black Ops 3 with my own money added lol < That doesn't matter though, just PM me an offer.

If you want me to sell this script to you and STOP selling it to more people(so it stays unique) we can discuss pricing over PM's.


Willing to use a middleman if required.

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lol. have fun, everybody has this script. considering that i was the first person to buy it and i resold it more then 10 times.


"Everybody" doesn't have it. There were some bugfixes and the faction thing was edited by our scripters but we never opened the server..

Stop shitposting.

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