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Selling User Control Panel [RPG Servers]


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Hellow guys! I want to sell my last project so take a look on these pages:


User: SoNNy.sys

Pass: test



http://romgen.com/?page=profile&p=SoNNy.sys (User Profile example)

http://romgen.com/?page=profile&p=F@Ke (User Profile example)



http://romgen.com/?page=applications&f=1 (Applications for factions)



http://romgen.com/?page=viewcomplaint&co=8 (View the complaint, Admins can close,open,change the complaint's title, punish the creator of the complaint or the reported user. You can also suspend the players from the players for 1,3,4...etc days)

http://romgen.com/?page=createcomplaint&id=2 (Create a complaint agains an admin)




For any questions please reply to this thread!


Price: 35$ PayPal for each copy, 60$ with copyright. I can make changes to the panel so you can use it with any server.


Signature: ?user=SoNNy.sys

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  • Avovix Management

I'm going to be brutally honest here, coming from multiple industries Web Development being one of them; I have no doubt that you've coded this entirely in PHP, no supporting back-end, nothing to support on the fly updates or notifications; and have used a free theme (bootstrap) that can be obtained on the internet; and thus as-per a majority of "free themes" selling them is infringing on "copyright" that you have no right too... I suggest you pull the entire Idea out of your head that you have the right to sell both the theme and the supporting code; as you only have the right to sell the code you've typed out yourself.


And frankly anyone saying it "looks good" is lying to them-selves; A few hours of learning both CSS (/sass), PHP, Html and even throwing Laravel (as a backend) into the mix could come out with a better result..


Regardless good look selling your OWN code, and not the theme.

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