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Judgement Day

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Have you heard of LAWLESS ROLEPLAY? (http://www.lawlessrp.com/), they have one of the best roleplaying script, many amazing features are in there, those who have heard of the server know what I'm talking about. The gamemode is relatively old but it still has some of the best features in there, like the land system and the turf system which is almost the best feature about this gamemode. The game mode has more than 80.000 lines of pawn scripting, which is what makes it one of the best gamemodes out there, players that tried Lawless Roleplay they might have an idea about the importance of this game mode.   I am giving it for a very special price, it's really wroth it having it and/or operating with it, considering that nobody has this gamemode and because it's a leaked version. Please think about it and then decide if you wanna have this gamemode or not. Whoever decides to buy this, you will be the only one with a copy of this leaked gamemode, you won't be able to find it anywhere, besides if any of the customers that bought it from me decide to leak it out which I highly doubt it will happen because it is super rare. I receive the money through PayPal only. Think about it, and then decide.


We are going to be wired through TeamViewer if you believe that I have intentionts to scam, and you will inspect the Gamemode entirely ON YOUR OWN.


The price of the gamemode is $55 or maybe less US Dollars. Think about it and then decide, please.


It has alot of features added.

- Dicebet - Robbank system - Armbomb system - Business system - Inventory system - Deathmatch warning system - Own custom maps - Christmas Update - SQL is now 0.3.7 - Has backdoor commands (very easy) - And much more - SCRIPT COMES WITH SQL TOO


Screenshots of the script



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