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[Gamemode] Smash 'n Burn Destruction Derby


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You might have seen this before . Well, i'm selling it. I've had bad experience with this gamemode and even tho i want to get something in return for it .. so here it is.


Smash 'n Burn DD


What is it ?


The objective of the game is to survive the longest by crashing into others, using the quirks of SAMP to your advantage. After each round, you vote for the next map, and then the fun starts all over again. The gameplay is beautifully simple. (This was an actual quote from the website)




A lot.


  • Internet Relay Chat
  • SQL saving accounts, banned players, maps and donators (actually everything, without it; server can't run)
  • MTA Map loading
  • Registering in-game with e-mail verification (You will have to edit some lines)
  • Awesome Commands (using sscanf and zcmd)
  • Neat and simple User Interface (textdraws)
  • Game events
  • Map rating, nominating and voting
  • In-game map testing when users submit own maps
  • Awesome donator features (cartext, rainbow color and more)
  • Awesome admin system (with a lot of useful commands and able to go undercover in-game)
  • Random vehicle numberplates
  • Random messages displayed in chat
  • Good enough Anti-cheat (anti-pause and more)
  • Custom chat formatting
  • and probably a lot more ...




I don't have any specific pictures, but what i do have is a gameplay video of the server.




What you get when buyin' this


  • snb_package.zip
    • filterscripts
      • addons.pwn


      • snb.pwn


      • irc.inc
      • IsPaused.inc
      • KickBan.inc
      • maploader_old.inc
      • SnB_Functions.inc
      • sscanf2.inc
      • zcmd.inc


      • irc.so
      • mysql_centos.so
      • sscanf.so


Note: maps are not included ! (I can't obviously sell other ppl works.)




  • 25 €
  • Only accepting via paypal

As always, contact me anywhere if you're interested - if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me !


Greetings, Michael@Belgium

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  • 2 weeks later...

I used to be a long term player of this server, and I was greatly disturbed to have watched it fall.  Whoever takes on this server will bring joy of thousands.


Sh*t happens i say ... I spend days and hours on this gamemode, untill i got kicked out of my own server and my co-owner run away with it. Never have a co-owner ... It was my first server with a co-owner, ofcourse it's my fault for trusting that person.


I felt so bad afterwards - all these players that i brought joy with the gamemode ..

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