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WTLS SA-MP Servers!

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Greetings everyone, Are you looking for amazing SA -MP servers? There you go!
Visit our SA-MP Servers :
[EN] - s2.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 (Welcome To Los Santos 2)
- s3.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 (Welcome To Los Santos 3)
[CZ/SK/EN]- s1.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 (Welcome To Los Santos)
 s4.gta-multiplayer.cz (Welcome To Los Santos 4) [SA-MP 0.3.DL]

Server’s Website : [EN] www.gta-multiplayer.cz/en/

Why should you play on our game servers?
- Unique game server with original features.
- Professional, Friendly and helpful admin team.
- Weekly updates and effective anti-cheat system.
- You can play Minigames such as Basketball, Races, Pool, Destructive Derby, Deatchmatches and much more.
- You can find over 30 Unique jobs to earn money (Police, Paramedic, Burglary, Taxi, Farmer, Trucker, Valet, Pilot, Securicar etc.)
- You can do unique missions (Sweet, Ryder, Big Smoke, Madd Dog, Cesar, Woozie, Catalina, Truth, Toreno and Zero)
- You can start CEO challenges with your friends (GTA Online Feature), share cuts and use special vehicles.
- Amazing events every 30minutes (Hide’n’Seek, Fallout, Warzone, Death run and much more)
- Heists from GTA V.
- Video game QUB3D from GTA 4
- Lots of Properties, Garages, Hotel suites and Houses to purchase.
- Custom made Roulettes, Slot machines, video poker , Black Jack, Texas Holdem Poker and Wheel of fortune.
- You can trade Shares on Stock market BAWSAQ from GTA 5
- Gang wars over 75 territories
- You can purchase a premium account and gain alot of benefits.
- Gyms, strip clubs, clothes shops, hidden packages, oysters, spray tags, horseshoes and much more

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g19N5wiBL4

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    • By Walter White
      WW for top notch crystal scripts.
      - I can help you start your server from scratch.
      -Fix bugs.
      -If you have an old server script and want it to be updated to look like the current one.
      -Help you start forums.
      *Special prices for the first few customers to get good reputation*
      Don't hesitate to join my server and PM me
    • By JasonTheMan
      Extreme Roleplay  (Rev-0.85A) (new updates)
      Official development of this server started on 15/06/2018 by JasonTheMan and the server was released 2 weeks later. The server was successful on its opening and touched 10 to 15 players daily but as all servers, we had trouble with our developer team and so we decided to temporary close the server. 2020 is on its way and with the new developers, amazing things are coming. Why dont you support us by joining? You will like what you will see...
      Our Community Extreme Roleplay is based in the whole San Andreas but concentrated in the city of Los Santos. After several tries and a lot of stress we managed to get everything running and now our only goal is to build a big and succesful community where you guys can have fun roleplaying.
      Forum: extremerp.tk (Currently down for maintenance)
      Server IP:
      Discord: https://discord.gg/pPf7Fe5
      Server Features:
      - Custom mappings -
      - Realistic Damage System -
      - Unique Inventory System -
      - Hunger and Thirst system -
      - Unique jobs -
      - Realistic Economy -
      - Unique Textdraws -
      - Realistic vehicle commands (Seatbelts, airbags, etc) -
      - Realistic house commands (Lights, house inventory, and more) -
      - Realistic Character customization -
      - There are way more features, but it would take me days do write them all... -
      Photos from Extreme Roleplay


      ((Would give more photos but thats the upload limit))

      We are hiring, admins, supporters/helpers, faction leaders, gang leaders, etc
      - Thank you!
    • By Bishop

      Here at Elite City Roleplay is the only server that puts the players first everything revolves around the players experience from the way the administrators serve the players to the gangs that line the street corners. every aspect of roleplay revolves around You The admin team is professional and mature, for you pleasure and entertainment; the administrator team is handpicked and carefully vetted to prioritise your entertainment. The factions are handled in the correct IC manner running without interference from the administrator team, apart from the Faction Leaders, which are carefully picked for their experience and professionalism. Elite City Roleplay may be a new server but it isn't just another server it is professional and mature; with a zero tolerance on rule braking, I expect to you in game.


      We hope to see you in game regards Elite City Administration Team

    • By JasonTheMan
      Extreme Roleplay is a new SAMP server which is focused in the city of Los Santos and it's rules are based in a Heavy Roleplay mode.
      We tested all kinds of gamemodes, we changed the whole staff system a lot of times but we werent happy, now we decided!
      E-RP is working on its own official script which is being made from scratch, you have never seen something like it, trust me!
      Join Us Now!

      Discord Link - https://discord.gg/qESBzmQ
                                                             Website Link - https://extremerp.tk/                                                           
      New house system
      New Business system
      New land system
      New commands (Over 100+)
      New Administration system
      New Faction system
      New Gang/Family system
      Costum Player Damage system
      Realistic Economy
      And much more Coming Soon!
      Note - (The script has just started and you wont be able to play in it yet but you will be able to roleplay and have fun in our temporary script which we also update regularely!)

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