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Infinite Roleplay - SA-MP Roleplay Server

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Welcome to the server where your imagination is the limit. We hereby introduce to you to the SA-MP Roleplay Server that offers unique systems that you will definitely enjoy as you play! You can either be a Law Enforcement Officer, a Emergency Medical Technician, a Government Employee, a Federal Agent and so on!


What is Infinite Roleplay?
Infinite Roleplay is a SAMP 0.3dl server that as a decent unique script and a server that offers customized skins or likely a server that is meant to support modifications that you can enjoy while playing and as well other features that you’ve never seen before.


How can I play Infinite Roleplay and where can I download SAMP Client 0.3dl?
You can play our server by simply downloading the SAMP Client 0.3dl (0.3.7 users can connect as well, but they will not be able to see the custom objects/skins) by clicking this link (0.3dl) that directs you to where you’ll be able to download the client itself and by using our IP. Upon joining, you’ll be downloading cache files as we have custom skins and other features in the server itself that will save its data in your GTA SA User Files in the cache folder so that you’ll be able to see the custom features yourself.


Why should I play in Infinite Roleplay?
We offer a distinctive gameplay which is a Medium type Roleplay server that pertains to much realism and how in real life is integrated to the virtual world of roleplay. We have professional and helpful staffs to help you in every aspects and terms of the whole gameplay. We also have unique mappings and great events that you will surely enjoy as we’re offering different types of scenarios in the server itself. We have different systems for gangs and factions that you haven’t seen before.


Dynamic Gang System



Dynamic Faction System



Custom Mappings



Jobs List



A Cookie Reward System



Dynamic Turfs 


and many more..



Server Information:

SA-MP IP: samp.infinite-roleplay.com OR

Forum: http://www.infinite-roleplay.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/G9XFvTh

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