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RCRP Weaponry Scam - Payaso


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Basically, my friend and I have been talking to this guy. He offered to sell us weaponry on RCRP. I tried to talk to him, and the ss of proof he showed us were different compared to different scammers id ran into. But I was still hesitant due to him not letting me use measures to protect myself from being scammed. Nonetheless my friend decided to purchase weaponry and we were right, he scammed us. 

I know that my money is basically gone, and i'm completely fine with that. I just want his account banned on here so he can't do it to anybody else.

If an admin would like to see PayPal proof of me sending this guy the money, please feel free to PM i'll show you.

I'll leave the flaming and bashing to the discord, but come on man. Nine fucking dollars, really?

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  • Avovix Management

As I've pointed out many times; And have made abundantly clear... We do not offer support or resolution to those who takes trades off-site, you do this at your own risk... We operate Multimart and only multimart; Discord is not a trading platform and as such we aren't affiliated with its service(s) and don't intend to be now or in the future...

We don't and will never support off-site communication via discord or any other platform that isn't operated by Multimart or its parent(s); Thank you for opening a community complaint but due to the situation where it occurred we aren't able to assist you.

This topic will be locked.

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