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South Carlifonia Roleplay - [sc-roleplay.com]

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South California Roleplay

South California Roleplay - Information: 
Server IP:
Forum: sc-roleplay.com.
Website & UCP: Coming soon. 
Discord server: Discord

South California Roleplay is a an English speaking community that is all about providing the best quality roleplay for their members. We at South California Roleplay keep a high standard of roleplay and enforce all of our rules fully. Our staff is trained to act professionally and are the best out there when it comes to punishing rule-breakers and solving in-game problems. The server has a very strict rule of always roleplaying to the best of your ability. Trolling, bad grammar and other impurities in roleplay will be punished by our administrator team.

South California Roleplay has the following features:

Unique Factions System

Our factions system is dynamic. Every faction with it's rights and type can be added in-game. We have a custom MDC system for LAPD that you might like, check it out.


Unique Inventory System

South California Roleplay has an unique inventory system with over one hundred (100) items available for players to use. All items are droppable and stay on the ground until being picked up. Item types vary from food, drugs, weapons, tools and others.



Unique Weapon System

Weapons are obtained by official factions with rights to shipments and illegal warehouse. For certain weapons (automatic ones like AK-47 and vehicle bombs) you will require administration approval.


Custom Damage System

Every weapon's damage has been customized on SC-RP. We wanted to keep it on a realistic ratio and so people take cover and do not rush like they usually do on SA-MP. Melee weapons are now more deadly and certain firearms can kill you by a single shot. In the screenshot below we have used Katana as an example with 1 hit.

High Quality Vehicle System

We have decided to give freedom to players regarding their vehicles as long as they keep them realistic. Players can customize their vehicles with custom objects like shown on the screenshots below. Also, they can furniture certain vehicle interiors and enter them.

Players can own up to 3 vehicles, have all of them spawned and they have the usual features like trunk, engine status, mileage, glovebox, etc.

House, Garage & Business System

Every player is able to buy 1 house and 1 business. They are able to use it's safe, also to custom map their house or business in large warehouse interior. Players are also able to plant objects outside their house and business. It is required to stay at a realistic aspect between interior and exterior. Also players are able to use their house's garages and their houses can have back-door entrances. Same goes for business back-doors.

We also have bunch of other systems that you as a player might like:

Default roleplay jobs such as Taxi Driver, Mechanic, Trucker, Pizza Boy, Farmer & Streetsweeper

In-game registration system with a small roleplay quiz

Vehicle engine and battery life system

Weapon clip system that forces more realistic roleplay

Marijuana growing and crack cooking system

Attachment system for players

Realistic knock out system when players get knocked out when low on HP (Melee weapons only)

Corpse system (when player dies - corpse is created)

Shell Casing system (shell casings drop after weapon has been fired - they have serials unless obtained illegaly - can't be picked up when hot)

Basketball system (players are able to play basketball)

And other unique and cool features..

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