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Oceanic Revival *2020*

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Server IP: server.oceanicroleplay.com:7777
Discord: https://discord.gg/CuTxABP
Forums: http://forum.oceanicroleplay.com/
UCP: In Development

Project: Oceanic Roleplay is now BACK with it's beautiful script and fully dynamic features. It has always been in development and we will be launching again within a few days as we have been receiving tons of support to get back into the game. The game mode is now fully developed to make sure it's up to the standards of our players. Our administration team are always ready to help and assist other players with situations in need, as well as our very own tester team to answer any questions you have about the server in general.
We're always providing excellent support to our players and make sure we listen to any suggestions or ideas they may have for the server to improve, as without the players our server wouldn't exist and that's how we show the community that we're listening.

[*] Roleplay Location
We are now based in Red County to reduce the size of the roleplaying area, this creating more enjoyable interaction with one another. As the 'old-skool' members are probably aware, it was always about Fort Carson and Bone County, but we've upped the game as we know this is capable with the expeted amount of returners we have. The whole of the county is available to utilize though and so you are not restricted in how you desire to play.

Numerous positions are available and we are particularly interested in professional individuals who can help us progress and develop through our launch. These players will be designated as the 'Testers' and will be given an official rank in game too. It's vital to select the right people for this job as it's one in a million. When our player base is stable and high enough, we will give the Government the opportunity to expand into a different region of the map. That means that you might even see the richest of rich living out in Bayside, but that's yet to be decided!

[*] Why you should choose Oceanic Roleplay
Here at Oceanic Roleplay, we have an exceptional community and helpful staff team that are knowledgeable in their given positions. The script has been developed to be simply unique and different in many ways, from the basic to the advanced dynamic features that it has! The team have made the script to be realistic and economy-related, as if it was the real-world economy (but less hard). We aim to give the best environment to every single player and will never judge you on the position you have/hold with us.

[*] Features

Here at OceanicRoleplay, we offer you a variety of great and unique features. All the features are realistic in almost any way and worked out in the finest of details.

Here's a short content of the features, but there's much more to offer that you have to check it in-game.
> Unique Character Tutorial
We wanted to give the players the real feeling about interactive items, features and more.
That's why we focused to put down the unique features in the tutorial. This includes the weapon system, fires and changing colours of default San Andreas objects. It's all to your hearts content!

> Factions
Customizable features are changeable in-game, so no need to worry about contacting the administrative team or viewing the UCP to edit key elements to the factions.
We have added things like the Evidence locker that will allocate items (Drugs / Money) seized by criminals.
Players can request additional weaponry / Drugs through the ordering process.

> Jobs
As you are probably aware, from the old Oceanic Roleplay..- we were limited to a mower and sweeper! SCRATCH THAT. You can now do any of the following; Mechanic, Taxi, Courier, Sweeper, Mower, Bus driver, Lumberjack and a Garbage Collector.
> Properties
We have various types of properties, which are listed here below.
Our business system has 9 different types.
- Houses: Buyable, Rentable, Lockable, Duplication Keys, Furniture (Interior & Exterior), Safes, Tenants, Evict
- Business: Buyable, Lockable, Duplication Keys, Safe, Entrance Fee
- Buildings: Public Buildings (SD, Bank, City Hall stuff)
- Garages: Buyable or Set to a house/business/faction, Lockable, Duplication Keys, Furniture (Interior)

> Vehicle System
Even our vehicle system is unique in it's own way.
*> Trunk [You will be able to store your inventory items in the trunk.]
*> Speedometer [Detailed information about your vehicle.]
*> Fuel Pumps [Even our fuel pumps can run out of fuel AND you get to see how much the person before you spent. Realistic, RIGHT?!.]
*> Mod Garage [Which you have to experience in-game.]

> Unique Inventory System
Our inventory is made to the finest details for the best interaction. Each item has it's interaction options in the inventory. For example, attatching a laser sight to your weapon. Ooooh, fancy.
*> Droppable Items
All our items are droppable as well!

> Unique Weapon System
Every weapon you find has a weapon type, for instance Desert Eagle, M4 and so on.
What we have done is to add custom weapons to those existing weapon types.
*> Damage System
What the custom weapons make it custom, is their damage.
All the weapons have custom damages, which are dynamically editable in-game by the management.
In-case it's needed because the damage is either too low or too high.
> Unique Banking System
From now on you deal with bank accounts and bank numbers.
You do not wire transfer it to someone's name, but a number.
More roleplay, interaction and options.
> Death System

You can die or be knocked out.
*> Injuries
You can see the damages on the player.
Hit by which bullet type and where.
*> Spawn Selector
*> Dropped Blood

> Detailed GPS
> Small Mapping Showcase

[*] Final Words...
Do you have any further questions? You are welcome to join our Discord server to have a discussion and ask questions. Our Development and Management team will be able to answer anything you throw at us.
If you made it down this for on the advertisement - join the Discord, verify yourself and then #ocrprevival2020! You'll get a nice little SA:MP recognition badge from Dannywink.png
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