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...|| ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ||... [0.3.7]

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This gamemode was originally ran by Crystallize back in 2016 for "Castmix-Network" community. 
The server and community closed in the same year for unknown reasons. I was one of the regular players of that server back then. 
I was always a fan of this type of gamemode, it is really fun and brings the good old memories even from 2012 back when this gamemode appeared for the first time by Kitten. 
I know you may find similar gamemodes out there, but who really cares? Aslong as players enjoy and have fun on the server. That is what really counts.


There are two teams - Humans & Zombies. When you spawn, the system randomly sets your team. If you are in Human team, your goal is to kill zombies and survive till the evacuation. 
There are bunch of different human classes to try out. Each class has it's setup of weapons and even ability. Of course it requires a specific amount of XP to get access to the certain class. 
You gain XP by killing zombies, achieving killstreaks and when your team wins the round. If you are in Zombie team, your goal is to kill every last standing human before the evacuation. 
There are also bunch of classes for zombies to try out. Each class has it's own unique ability and requires the specific amount of XP. Each round is 5 minutes long. When the timer reaches 1 minute, the evacuation arrives for humans. Which means, they have 1 minute to reach the evacuation point. After every round new map starts.


Human & Zombie teams.
Classes for Humans & Zombie. (Requires: XP/Rank/Premium)
Map-change system. (Currently 16 maps. More to come!)
Shop/Coin system. For humans only. (Buy temp.classes, attachments. More to come!)
and much more updates are yet to come.

Hope to see you on the server! Thanks for reading.

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