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[0.3.7] Dreamland Roleplay, DL:RP, SA:MP Roleplay Server

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Dreamland Roleplay - Heavens IGN SA:MP Server - Roleplay

Hello fellow SA:MP Players, I am Asgar, Executive Owner of Heavens International Gaming Network. Today I bring to you Information about a new SA:MP Server with a Unique 100% Non-copied Script for SA:MP, below I will be saying a few things about our Unique IG Systems and will also Link the Network Forums, SA:MP Forums and the Discord Links to both Discord followed by my Email and Discord Information for you to refer to if you have any Questions, My DM's are open to anyone.

Below are the Systems that we have for Roleplay:

Business System:
-Each of our businesses tied with the Script are also tied with our Legal Factions, you cannot purchase many things in game through businesses without an Identification Card, I will explain this a little more when we move onto some other systems.
-There are 25 Different Types of Businesses in the Server each of them representing a particular Real Life Feature In-Game for Roleplay Reasons.

Factions System:
-There are 2 Categories to this, Legal Factions and Illegal Factions(Gangs), both have different privileges and Commands, refer below for both.
-Legal Factions allow you to impound Vehicles, Perform Legal Faction Duties, examples of these factions would be LSPD, FDSA and FBI, ETC, everyone knows how they work but our Illegal Faction System is different
-Illegal Factions in our Server have a system for HQ Location, Gangs can also get 1 Business if they have enough IG Money in their Gang Vault, gangs also have the ability to smuggle things into IC Prison and gangs only have this ability, no other Normal Player or Faction can Smuggles things into IC Prison, only Gangs can do that, using our NPC DOC Officers In-Game, Gangs can smuggle things into IC Prison for their Gang Mates who are locked up.

Housing System:
-We have a complete different housing system compared to other servers, our Housing System always has houses UnFurnished when you purchase them and in order to furnish a House you need to go a Business Type that is of a Furniture Shop, you can buy Furniture There and place it in your House.
-How do you Purchase a house? You need an Identification Card from City Hall that you can buy, you need to know the House ID of the House you are wanting to buy, and a Real Estate Business must be present in the Server, if you do not have an Identification Card you cannot purchase a house, you must have an ID and a real estate business both in the server in order to purchase the House, only way to purchase a house is for you to walk into a real estate business and type /buyhouse [House ID]
-Once houses are purchased, outside the house only thing that shows is House [House #], due to RP Reasons it does not show the Name of the House Owner, just in case if Legal Factions ever have to raid a House, they will have to Roleplay getting Identification of the House.

Regular Player System:
-Every Player starts out with $100 and gets hourly income which they can withdraw from a Business Type in the form of a Bank, yes there are business types for everything in the Server that is why there are 25 Different Businesses Types
-You need Identification Card that is a one time purchase from City Hall, you need it to get your Vehicle back from the LSPD Impound, to Purchase a House from a Real Estate Business and much more.
-As always you can get IC Prisoned by Legal Factions, in IC Prison you can get a Prison Job, you can buy things from DOC NPC's - Non Playable Characters. You can also Bail out if Legal Faction Member who jailed you allows you to get a Bail for a certain set amount

Hunger System:
-Our Hunger System does not start until you manually enter [/enablehunger] or after the first 25 Playing Hours, we do not have a level system but we have a DL:RP Streak System, Loyalty Streak System that resets every time you logout. Do note if you do [/enablehunger] before the first 25 Playing Hours than there is no way of reversing this, Admins are not authorized to disable your hunger.
-When your hunger is enabled, every 7.5 Minutes you will lose 1 Hunger, you have a total of 100 Hunger Points, in 12 Hours you will be out of hunger points, every 7.5 Minutes you will feel symptoms of your Hunger Level Dropping, you can refill your hunger by buying food from a Business consisting of a Restaurant Type, food is the only source of Health Improvement, no Admin is going to fill up your Health for you unless all Restaurants in the Server are out of supplies.

Those are some of our Cool Features for the Server, at the moment Server Setup is in progress, we are planning on launching the Server Soon, but in the Meantime we have competitions going on our Discord Server and would like to invite you to participate in it, the winner gets 1 Package of Gold+ VIP for 3 Months and their very own Teamspeak Channel and 2nd Place gets just their own Teamspeak Channel.

So what are you waiting for, register on our Forums, Join our Discord and Participate in the competition, who knows you might be the next lucky Winners of our Discord Competition. Below are the Links to our Forums and Discords.

Note: In order to improve Roleplay and to make it fair for every single Player, we do not Offer the privilege to buy RP Material by donating or purchasing a package on our Shops, the only thing that our SA:MP Store offers is VIP Packages that too with RP Capabilities.

Network Forums
DL:RP SA:MP Forums

Network Discord
DL:RP SA:MP Discord

For Email Enquiries you can Email me at: [email protected]
For Direct Discord Support and Questions you can DM me at: superbhaijaan#4067


Dreamland Roleplay, DL:RP is a SA:MP Server registered under the Banner of Heavens International Gaming Network, Established 2018, Copyright 2018-2020


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